1200KW Hydroelectric Pelton Turbine Generator

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Output:                          1200kw
Flow Rate:                     0.60m³/s
Water Head:                  260m

Frequency:                    50Hz/60Hz
Voltage:                         6300V
Efficiency:                      92%-95%
Generator type:             SFW1200
Generator:                     Brushless Excitation
Runner Material:           Stainless Steel
Speed:                          750rpm

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    The Pelton wheel is an impulse type water turbine and is designed so that the rim of the drive wheel—also called a runner, runs at half the speed of the water jet. This design has the water leaving the wheel with very little speed; thus extracting almost all of the water's impulse energy—making it a very efficient turbine.
    Pelton wheels are common turbine for small hydro-power, when the available water source has relatively high hydraulic head at low flow rates, where the Pelton wheel is most efficient. Pelton wheels are made in all sizes, from the smallest micro Hydro Systems to much larger than the small 10 MW units would require.
    Advantages of the Pelton wheel
    1. Adapt to the situation that the ratio of flow and head is relatively small.
    2. The weighted average efficiency is very high, and it has high efficiency in the whole operation range. In particular, the advanced Pelton turbine can achieve an average efficiency of more than 93% in the load range of 30% ~ 110%.
    3. Strong adaptability to head change
    4. It is also very suitable for those with large ratio of pipeline to head.
    5. The construction quantity is small.
    Using pelton turbine for power generation, the output range can be from 50KW to 500MW, which can be applicable to the larger head range of 30m to 3000m. Generally, there is no need for dam and draft tube. The construction cost is only a fraction of that of other types of water turbine generator units, and the impact on the natural environment is also very small. Since the runner operates in the runner chamber under atmospheric pressure, the sealing requirement of pressure overflow channel can be omitted.

    1200KW Pelton Wheel Hydro Turbine Generator

    Chengdu Froster Technology Co.,Ltd

    The 1300KW turbine is customized for a customer in the Middle East. The customer originally had a hydropower station construction plan, but our engineers recommended a better design plan based on the project situation, which helped the customer reduce the cost by 10%.
    The runner of the 1200KW turbine has undergone a dynamic balance check and direct injection structure. The stainless steel runner, spray needle and stainless steel sealing ring have all been nitrided
    Valve with PLC interface, RS485 interface, electric bypass control valve, electric control box.


    Electrical Control System

    The multifunctional integrated control panel designed by Foster can monitor and adjust the current, voltage and frequency in time

    Processing Equipment

    All production processes are performed by skilled CNC machine operators in accordance with ISO quality control procedures, all products are tested for many times

    Packing Fixed

    The inner package is wrapped with film and reinforced with steel frame, and the outer package is made of standard wooden box

    Product Advantages
    1.Comprehensive processing capacity. Such as 5M CNC VTL OPERATOR, 130 & 150 CNC floor boring machines, constant temperature annealing furnace, planer milling machine, CNC machining center ect.
    2.Designed lifespan is more than 40 years.
    3.Forster provide one time free site service,if the customer purchases three units (capacity ≥100kw) within one year, or the total amount is more than 5 units. Site service included equipments inspection, new site checking, installation and maintainance training ect,.
    4.OEM accepted.
    5.CNC machining , dynamic balance tested and isothermal annealing processed,NDT test.
    6.Design and R&D Capabilities,13 senior engineers with experienced in design and research.
    7.The technical consultant from Forster worked on the hydro turbine filed for 50 years and awarded the Chinese State Council Special Allowance.

    1200KW Pelton Turbine Generator Video

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