320KW Hydraulic Francis Water Turbine Generator With PLC Control Panel

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Generator Type:            SFW320
Frequency:                    50Hz/60Hz
Certificate:                     ISO9001/CE/TUV
Voltage:                         400V
Efficiency:                      93.5%
Flow Rate:                     0.5m³/s
Water Head:                  78m
Generator:                     Brushless Excitation
Valve :                           Butterfly Valve
Runner Material:           Stainless Steel

Product Description

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The most commonly used turbine in hydropower systems. Water strikes the edge of the runner, pushes the blades and then flows toward the axis of the turbine. It escapes through the draft tube located under the turbine. 

The 320 kW Francis Turbine Generator Unit for Albania is officially delivered today. This is the fifth turbine unit we ordered from our agent in Albania since our cooperation in 2015. This unit is also for commercial use. Selling power generation to surrounding cities and countries. Recently, however, Albania's mountains have been snowing, and it may only be installed in advance before it can be put into operation and use next year. Regarding this 320 kW Francis turbine unit, the total weight of the unit is 10 468 kg, and the net weight of the unit is 8950. Net weight of generator: 3100kg. Electric gate valv: 750kg. Inlet water bend, draft bend, Flywheel cover, draft front cone, Draft tube, Expansion join: 125kg. Host assembly, counterweight device, Connection parts Brake (with bolt), Brake pad: 2650kg. Flywheel, motor slide rail, heavy hammer mechanism (heavy hammer part), standard box: 1200kg. All packaging of Francis turbine unit It is packed in high-quality wooden cases and waterproof and rust-proof vacuum film is used inside. Ensure that the unit arrives at the customer's destination port and the product is in good condition. Production was completed at the end of October, 2019, unit testing was carried out in November, including generator operation commissioning and turbine commissioning, perfect factory, shipment by sea today, and shipment to Shanghai port.

320KW Francis Turbine Was Successfully Installed in Albania

Chengdu Froster Technology Co.,Ltd

Detailed Parameter Information 320KW Francis Turbine

Model:        SF320
Power:        320KW       Insulation class: F/F
Voltage:       400V          Power Factor cos: 0.8
Current:       577.4A       Excitation Voltage: 127V
Frequency:  50Hz          Excitation Current: 1.7A
Speed:        1000r/min
Standard:     No.GB/T 7894-2009
Phase:         3 Stator winding method:Y
Product No.:  18010/1318-1206 Date: 2019.10

In January next year, we will personally visit our agents in Albania and direct customers who are now cooperating with us, and face to face communication on next year's procurement cooperation plan. It is now tentatively planned that three projects will be launched in 2020. We will have the right to cooperate with our agents and direct customers. And this time we will visit our customers in Albania. We will also visit our customers in some countries around us to discuss Forster's global export plan for next year.


Processing Equipment

All production processes are performed by skilled CNC machine operators in accordance with ISO quality control procedures, all products are tested for many times

Electrical Control System

The multifunctional integrated control panel designed by Foster can monitor and adjust the current, voltage and frequency in time

Control Valve

The control valve adopts full bore electric ball valve, electric bypass, PLC interface, which can be controlled remotely.

Product Advantages
1.Comprehensive processing capacity. Such as 5M CNC VTL OPERATOR, 130 & 150 CNC floor boring machines, constant temperature annealing furnace, planer milling machine, CNC machining center ect.
2.Designed lifespan is more than 40 years.
3.Forster provide one time free site service,if the customer purchases three units (capacity ≥100kw) within one year, or the total amount is more than 5 units. Site service included equipments inspection, new site checking, installation and maintainance training ect,.
4.OEM accepted.
5.CNC machining , dynamic balance tested and isothermal annealing processed,NDT test.
6.Design and R&D Capabilities,13 senior engineers with experienced in design and research.
7.The technical consultant from Forster worked on the hydro turbine filed for 50 years and awarded the Chinese State Council Special Allowance.

Forster Francis Turbine Video

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