Hydroelectric Power Systems Francis Turbine Generator For 850KW Hydropower Project From Albania

Short Description:

Output:                          850KW
Flow Rate:                     1.51 m³/s
Water Head:                  70m

Frequency:                    50Hz/60Hz
Certificate:                     ISO9001/CE/TUV
Voltage:                         6300V
Efficiency:                      93%
Generator:                     Brushless Excitation
Valve :                           Customized
Runner Material:           Stainless Steel
Connection Method:      Direct Connection

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Francis turbine is a kind of turbine suit to water head 20-300meters and with certain suitable flow.It could be divided into vertical and horizontal arrangement. Francis turbine have the advantage of high efficiency, small size and reliable structure.

850kw Francis Turbine Equipment

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Feedback From Customer About The 850KW Francis Turbine

This is incredible. Do you remember our 850KW project in Albania last month?
Our client friend has been installed, he seems happier, the first time to send us photos.
Francis turbine: 1*850KW
Hydraulic turbine: HLA708
Governor: GYWT-600-16
Valve: Z941H-2.5C DN600

The 850kw Francis Turbine Generator from European customers has been produced and packaged and will be shipped to Shanghai port today.
This is our first cooperation. The customer came to China in September last year to visit our factory.
Our customers communicated directly with our engineers face to face. In the end, we, the owners and customers were very satisfied with our design plan, and finally reached an agreement and signed a contract in our factory. The client has many hydropower investment projects in Europe. The client told us that our company strength and our design and R&D team left a deep impression on him.

Francis Hydro Turbine Generator For 200KW 500KW 850KW 1MW 2MW Hydropower Project

Prepare Packaging

Check the paint finish of the mechanical parts and turbine and prepare to start measuring the packaging

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Turbine Generator

The generator adopts a horizontally installed brushless excitation synchronous generator

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Exciter connected to generator

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Equipment configuration

1.The Turbine adopts CNC machining blades; dynamic balance check wheel; constant temperature annealing; all stainless steel runner, nozzle ring stainless steel nitriding; with flywheel and brake device, two fulcrum installation; with flywheel and brake.

2. Brushless excitation Generator, power factor - cosψ=0.8.

3.Fully automated control system

4.The Inlet Valve adopts electric gate valve, electric bypass, PLC interface.

5.External type Hydraulic microcomputer governor.



Francis Turbine Video

francis turbine generator

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