Hydroelectric Equipment Manufacturer Hydraulic Francis Turbine Generator For HPP

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Output:                          20-10000KW
Flow Rate:                     0.1-20m³/s
Water Head:                  20-200m

Frequency:                    50Hz
Certificate:                     ISO9001/CE/TUV/SGS
Voltage:                         400V/6300V
Efficiency:                      88%-93%
Generator type:             SFW10-SWF10000
Generator:                     Brushless Excitation
Valve :                           Ball Valve
Runner Material:           Stainless Steel
Volute Material:             Carbon Steel

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The Working Mechanism of a Francis Turbine
The turbine consists of an outer spiral casing, followed by a set of fixed blades called stay vanes. Next comes a collection of moving blades called guide vanes, then a bunch of centrally placed blades called runner and lastly, an outgoing duct called a duct draft tube.
The flow enters the Francis turbine through the spiral casing. Decreasing the cross-sectional area of the casing ensures that the flow enters the central part of the turbine with uniform velocity throughout the perimeter.
The flow next passes through two sets of blades before entering the runner, namely – the outer stay vanes and the inner guide vanes. The stay vanes are fixed and help steer the water towards the runner section. They help in reducing the swirl at the inlet flow as well.
The guide vanes sitting in between the stay vanes and the runner have a more critical role to play. They manage the flow rate based on the power demand. But the power demand fluctuates over time. The guide vanes govern the water flow rate and ensure that power production is in sync with demand. In addition, guide vanes control the flow angle directed towards the runner blades. They try to ensure that the inlet flow angle is at the optimal angle of attack to harness maximum water power.

Francis Turbine Equipment

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Prepare Packaging

Check the paint finish of the mechanical parts and turbine and prepare to start measuring the packaging

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Turbine Generator

The generator adopts a horizontally installed brushless excitation synchronous generator

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Exciter connected to generator

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Product Advantages
1.Comprehensive processing capacity. Such as 5M CNC VTL OPERATOR, 130 & 150 CNC floor boring machines, constant temperature annealing furnace, planer milling machine, CNC machining center ect.
2.Designed lifespan is more than 40 years.
3.Forster provide one time free site service,if the customer purchases three units (capacity ≥100kw) within one year, or the total amount is more than 5 units. Site service included equipments inspection, new site checking, installation and maintainance training ect,.
4.OEM accepted.
5.CNC machining , dynamic balance tested and isothermal annealing processed,NDT test.
6.Design and R&D Capabilities,13 senior engineers with experienced in design and research.
7.The technical consultant from Forster worked on the hydro turbine filed for 50 years and awarded the Chinese State Council Special Allowance.

Forster Francis Turbine Video


Introduction to Francis Turbine and Customer Feedback


1. Francis Turbine adopts CNC machining, stainless steel runner.
2. The generator adopts brushless excitation generator, design voltage of three-phase 400V, Rated Efficiency of Generator 50HZ, power factor cos 0.8.
3. The control panel adopts a 5-in-1 integrated control panel, and the computer is automatically set.
4. The governor adopts a high oil pressure microcomputer governor.
5. The valve adopts automatic hydraulic butterfly valve.



Francis Hydro Turbine Generator For 200KW 500KW 850KW 1MW 2MW Hydropower Project

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