Forster Hydroelectric Kaplan Turbine Generator Price for Low Head

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Generator Power:          320KW
Frequency:                     50HZ/60HZ
Certificate:                      ISO9001/CE/TUV
Voltage:                          400V
Efficiency:                       90%-93%
Flow Rate:                      7m³/s
Water Head:                   5.5m
Excitation Mode:            Static Silicon Controlled
Governor :                      High Hydraulic Microcomputer Governor
Excitation Device :         5 in 1 Integrated Control Panel
Runner material:            Stainless Steel

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Kaplan turbine and axial flow turbine generator unit is widely used for low water head such as small river, small dam, etc. The mini axial turbine generator is made by generator and Impeller coaxial.
Working principle and installation method: Choose suitable installation place ( riverside, rocky place of downstream river),use concrete and stone to build water channels; use wood to make a water gate; use barbed wire to make filter; use concrete and stone to make spiral case; build trumpet-style draft tube under the spiral case; the draft tube should be covered and under water 20-50m. The length of draft tube is the water head. The mini axial turbine generator is suitable for water head 3-12m.

Forster Kaplan turbine generator


320KW Kapaln Turbine Was Officially Delivered To Brazil

Chengdu Froster Technology Co.,Ltd

The 320KW kaplan turbine ordered by a Brazilian customer has been produced.
The equipment was ordered early April 2020. At that time, China successfully controlled the the Covid 19. Due to the shutdown of most enterprises in the upstream supply chain, it brought huge challenges to our raw material supply, but Foster still completed the order one week in advance.

The Main Parameters
Runner Diameter:     1450mm;    Ratedvoltage:      400V
Rated Current:          577.33A:    Rated Power:      320KW
Rated Speed:            250rpm:     Number of Phase: 3 Phase
Excitation Mode:       Static silicon controlled


Advantages of Forster Kaplan Turbine
1.Horizontal shaft arrangement is available to save civil works.
2.Complete range of specific speeds for runner design allows optimized matching to synchronous speed.
3.Compact design and low maintenance requirements by rigorous selection of best suited materials and proper design.
4.Bearings rated for more than 100 000 hours of operation.

Runner and Blade

Runners and blades made of stainless steel, the vertical configuration of the Kaplan turbine allows for larger runner diameters and increased unit power.

Electrical Control System

The multifunctional integrated control panel designed by Foster can monitor and adjust the current, voltage and frequency in time

Processing Equipment

All production processes are performed by skilled CNC machine operators in accordance with ISO quality control procedures, all products are tested for many times

Why Choose Forster
1.Comprehensive processing capacity. Such as 5M CNC VTL OPERATOR, 130 & 150 CNC floor boring machines, constant temperature annealing furnace, planer milling machine, CNC machining center ect.
2.Designed lifespan is more than 40 years.
3.Forster provide one time free site service,if the customer purchases three units (capacity ≥100kw) within one year, or the total amount is more than 5 units. Site service included equipments inspection, new site checking, installation and maintainance training ect,.
4.OEM accepted.
5.CNC machining , dynamic balance tested and isothermal annealing processed,NDT test.
6.Design and R&D Capabilities,13 senior engineers with experienced in design and research.
7.The technical consultant from Forster worked on the hydro turbine filed for 50 years and awarded the Chinese State Council Special Allowance.

Forster Kaplan Turbine Video

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