70KW Hydro Bulb Tubular Turbine Generator for Low Head Hydropower Plants

Short Description:

Output:                           70KW
Flow Rate:                      2m³/s
Water Head:                   5m

Frequency:                     50Hz/60Hz
Certificate:                      ISO9001/CE/TUV
Voltage:                          400V
Efficiency:                      88%
Generator Type:             SFW100
Generator:                     Brushless Excitation
Valve :                           Customized Valve
Blade Material:              Stainless Steel
Installation Method:       Horizontal

Product Description

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Customized Forster Hydro Tubular Turbine Generator Only For You

Chengdu Froster Technology Co.,Ltd

Efficiency: 88%
Rated Speed: 600rpm
Rated Voltage: 400V
Rated Current: 135.3A
Power: 70kw
Application Situation:
It is suitable for areas such as plain, hills and coasts in which the water head is low and flow is large.
Advantages of Tubular Turbine:
1.This type has large flow, high-efficient wide area.
2.Compared with vertical axle flowing type units, it is with high efficiency, the factory building is little in excavating amount, and hydropower station water conservancy project investment can save 10%- 20%, equipment investment saves 5%- 10%.


Electrical Control System

The multifunctional integrated control panel designed by Foster can monitor and adjust the current, voltage and frequency in time

Processing Equipment

All production processes are performed by skilled CNC machine operators in accordance with ISO quality control procedures, all products are tested for many times

Packing Fixed

The inner package is wrapped with film and reinforced with steel frame, and the outer package is made of standard wooden box

Why Choose Us
1.Comprehensive processing capacity. Such as 5M CNC VTL OPERATOR, 130 & 150 CNC floor boring machines, constant temperature annealing furnace, planer milling machine, CNC machining center ect.
2.Designed lifespan is more than 40 years.
3.Forster provide one time free site service,if the customer purchases three units (capacity ≥100kw) within one year, or the total amount is more than 5 units. Site service included equipments inspection, new site checking, installation and maintainance training ect,.
4.OEM accepted.
5.CNC machining , dynamic balance tested and isothermal annealing processed,NDT test.
6.Design and R&D Capabilities,13 senior engineers with experienced in design and research.
7.The technical consultant from Forster worked on the hydro turbine filed for 50 years and awarded the Chinese State Council Special Allowance.

8.Forster technology has more than 60 years of experience in the field of turbine research and manufacturing. We are not only good at turbine production and design, but also provide customers with complete hydropower system solutions.

Electrical Control System ,Control Valve ,Turbine AccessoriesTypical-layout-of-a-hydropower-plant

70KW Bulb Tubular Hydro Turbine Processing

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