2200KW Hydro Power Pelton Water Wheel Turbine Generator

Short Description:

Rate Power:                   2200KW
Flow Rate:                      0.527m³/s—1.47m³/s
Water Head:                  180m—500m
Frequency:                     50Hz/60Hz
Certificate:                     ISO9001/CE/TUV/SGS
Voltage:                         6300V/10KV
Efficiency:                      92%-95%
Generator Type:            SFW2200
Generator:                     Brushless Excitation
Valve :                           Ball Valve
Runner Material:           Stainless Seel

Product Description

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Pelton turbine type of turbine used frequently in hydroelectric plants. This turbines are generally used for sites with heads greater than 200 meters. This type of turbine was created during the gold rush in 1880 by Lester Pelton.

When used for generating electricity, there is usually a water reservoir located at some height above the Pelton turbine. The water then flows through the penstock to specialized nozzles that introduce pressurized water to the turbine. To prevent irregularities in pressure, the penstock is fitted with a surge tank that absorbs sudden fluctuations in water that could alter the pressure.

Unlike other types of turbines which are reaction turbines, the Pelton turbine is known as an impulse turbine. This simply means that instead of moving as a result of a reaction force, water creates some impulse on the turbine to get it to move.

2200KW Pelton Turbine Generator

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Product Configuration

1.The pelton turbine adopts dynamic balance check wheel, all stainless steel wheel, nozzle ring stainless steel nitriding, direct injection, with flywheel and brake device

2.Generator design voltage 6.3KV, frequency 50HZ, power factor COSф=0.80, brushless excitation generator

3.The electrical equipment of the power plant is equipped with automatic remote control, which can be unattended

4.The control valve adopts full bore electric gate valve, electric bypass, PLC interface

5. The packaging adopts wooden box + steel frame + waterproof and moisture-proof packaging


Overall Effect

The overall color is peacock blue,This is the flagship color of our company and the color our customers like very much.

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Turbine Generator

The generator adopts  Horizontal installed brushless excitation synchronous generator

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Control Valve

The control valve adopts full bore electric ball valve, electric bypass, PLC interface, which can be controlled remotely.

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2200KW Pelton Turbine Video

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