Forster 2×40KW Micro Hydro Turgo Turbine Generator

Short Description:

Output:                          2X40KW
Flow Rate:                     0.15m³/s
Water Head:                  65m
Frequency:                    50Hz/60Hz
Certificate:                     ISO9001/CE/TUV/From-E
Voltage:                         400V
Efficiency:                      85%
Generator Type:             SFW40
Generator:                      Brushless Excitation
Valve :                            Butterfly Valve
Runner Material:            Stainless Seel

Product Description

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The 2*40kw Turgo Turbine ordered by a Chilean customer has been produced.
After completing the various tests, the goods were shipped smoothly.
This equipment is produced after the customer and our company signed a purchase agreement in 2020.
As the top supplier of small hydropower equipment in China, we are very experienced, because the customer’s flow rate varies widely, and finally we provide customers with the best solution.
Technical parameters: 2*40kw oblique impact turbine generator
Turbine Model:XJA-W-43/1*5.6
Generator Model:SFW-W40-8/490
1. Net water head: 65m
2. Flow rate: 0.15m3/s (maximum flow 0.2m3/s, minimum flow 0.1m3/s) 3. Power: 2*40kw
4. Voltage: 400v
5.Frequency: 50HZ
At present, the customer has successfully received the equipment and has begun preparations for installation.

Product Images


Needle and protective fence



Packaging of turbines, generators and governors




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