Low Civil Construction Cost High Efficiency Low Head 500KW S – Type Tubular Turbine

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Net Head:   10m
Design Flow:   7.08m3/s
Capacity:   500KW
Turbine real machine efficiency:   88.4%
Rated Efficiency of Generator:   93%
Rated rotating speed:   720rpm/min
Generator:    Brushless Excitation
Blade Material:    Stainless Steel
Installation Method:    Horizontal

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S – Type Tubular Turbine

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S-Type Tubular Turbine, also known as shaft-extension turbine, adopts horizontal axial arrangement. The obvious structural feature is that the guide vanes are arranged at 65° to the centerline of the unit, and an axial conical water guide mechanism is used. S-Type Tubular Tubrine flow channel is composed of inlet pipe, seat ring, conical water guiding mechanism, runner chamber, tailrace cone, S-type draft elbow and tailrace. The flow channel of the S-Type Tubular Tubrine is axial, and the water flows parallel to the turbine axis to the runner.

tubular turbine

Prepare Packaging

Check the paint finish of the mechanical parts and turbine and prepare to start measuring the packaging

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Turbine Generator

The generator adopts a horizontally installed brushless excitation synchronous generator

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Kaplan Turbine+Generator+Control Panel+Governor+Valve+Regular Spare Part+Operation Instruction/Installation Manual&Layout Drawing

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