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  • small pelton wheel water jet turbines for sale

  • Automated Equipment With High Head 2mw Hydro Pelton Turbine For Hydroelectric Power Plant

    China High Efficiency Radial Flow Hydroelectric Water Turbine For Hydro Power Plant

    250KW Pelton Turbine Generator Unit

    High Quality Configuration Automation Unit For High Head Area Micro HPP Pelton Water Wheel Generator

  • Micro water turbine hydroelectric tubular turbine generator

  • Hydroelectric Energy Market Low Head Pipe Installation 20kw to160kw Tubular Hydro Turbine For Hydro Power Plant

    China High Quality Supplier Supply Popular Low Head Pipe Connections To Hydro Turbine For Water Power Plant

    Made in China best supppler 5 - 15m Low head Suitable for hydro tubular turbine for river

    Brushless Low Rpm Alternative Energy Generators Water Tubular Turbine For Hydro Power Plant

  • Low Head 100KW - 2000KW Water Turbine Generator Equipped with moving Guide Vane Regulating Automatic System to Monitor

  • 1.5MW to 30 MW Off Grid Hydro Power Turbine Generator For Hydroelectric Plant

    Made in china HPP 500kw Francis turbine generator

    Hot Sale Factory Price 1.5mw 2mw 3mw 5mw Water Power Low Rpm Hydro Francis Turbine For HPP

    Control panel has black excitation function 300kw hydro francis turbine for sale

  • High Quality And Cost-Effective With Ce, Tuv , Iso9001 Certified f / f Insulation Grade Hydro Turbine For HPP

  • High efficiency and more economical horizontal installation 30kw 50kw 100kw 300kw 400kw brushless excitation hydroelectric generator

    High quality Control panel valve governor complete configuration micro Water turbine for micro power plant

    High quality fully automatic auxiliary equipment curved nozzle hydro tilt turbine

    600kw inclined water jet turbine generator for hydro power plant

  • Water Head 2.5 - 7m On Grid Or Off Grid 50kw 100kw 200kw 300kw Hydro Kaplan Turbine For Micro Hydro Power Plant

  • 2MW large power hydro turbine generator for water power plant

    Equipped With Control System Avr Governor Valve 20kw To 70kw Kaplan Turbine

    2.5 - 10m Low Head Automation Control Kaplan Turbine For Water Power Plant

    Low Head and High Power Plant for European Customers Hydro power plant of Design


Focused on hydro power, Lightening the world and your future.


Chengdu Forster Technology Co., Ltd.


Chengdu Forster Technology Co., Ltd.

Foster begin to export to other countries from 2013, covering more than 100 countries and regions in the world. We know that the key to achieve the new industrial revolution is intellectualization. We determined to make our products from"made in China" to "created in China",and then "intelligent manufacturing in China". The craftsman's spirit, casting eternal. Forster has always insisted on customer demand, refined production and perfect service.


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    Focused on hydro power, Lightening the world and your future.

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