Advantages and Disadvantages of hydropower

1. Clean: Water energy is a renewable energy source, basically pollution-free.
2. Low operating cost and high efficiency;
3. Power supply on demand;
4. Inexhaustible, inexhaustible, renewable
5. Control flooding
6. Provide irrigation water
7. Improve river navigation
8. The related projects will also improve the area’s transportation, power supply and economy, especially for the development of tourism and aquaculture.

1. Ecological destruction: Intensified water erosion below the dam, changes in rivers and impacts on animals and plants, etc. However, these negative effects are predictable and reduced. Such as reservoir effect
2. Need to build dams for resettlement, etc., infrastructure investment is large
3. In areas with large changes in the precipitation season, power generation is small or even out of power in the drier season
4. The downstream fertile alluvial soil is reduced 1. Energy regeneration. Since the water flow circulates continuously according to a certain hydrological cycle and is never interrupted, hydropower resources are a kind of renewable energy. Therefore, the energy supply of hydroelectric power generation is only the difference between the wet years and the dry years, without the problem of energy depletion. However, when encountering special dry years, the normal power supply of hydropower stations may be destroyed due to insufficient energy supply, and the output will be greatly reduced.
2. Low power generation cost. Hydropower only uses the energy carried by the water flow without consuming other power resources. Moreover, the water flow used by the upper-level power station can still be used by the next-level power station. In addition, due to the relatively simple equipment of a hydropower station, its overhaul and maintenance costs are also much lower than that of a thermal power plant of the same capacity. Including fuel consumption, the annual operating cost of thermal power plants is approximately 10 to 15 times that of hydropower plants of the same capacity. Therefore, the cost of hydroelectric power generation is low, and it can provide cheap electricity.
3. Efficient and flexible. The hydro-turbine generator set, which is the main power equipment of hydroelectric power generation, is not only more efficient, but also flexible to start and operate. It can be quickly started and put into operation from a static state within a few minutes; the task of increasing and decreasing the load is completed in a few seconds, adapting to the needs of electric load changes, and without causing energy loss. Therefore, the use of hydropower to undertake tasks such as peak regulation, frequency regulation, load backup and accident backup of the power system can improve the economic benefits of the entire system.

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