Good News,South Asia Customer Had Completed Installation and Successfully Connected to The Grid

Good news, Forster South Asia customer 2x250kw Francis turbine has completed the installation and successfully connected to the grid
The customer first contacted Forster in 2020. Through Facebook, we provided the best design scheme to the customer. After we understood the parameters of the customer’s hydropower project site. After comparing more than a dozen solutions from many countries, the customer finally adopted the design of Forster team, based on the affirmation of our team’s professional ability and the recognition of Forster’s production and manufacturing ability.
The following is the detailed parameter information of the 2X250 kW Francis Turbine Generator Unit:
Water Head:                                      47.5 m
Flow rate:                                          1.25³/s
Installed Capacity:                             2*250 kw
Turbine:                                              HLF251-WJ-46
Unit Flow( Q11):                                 0.562m³/s
Unit Rotating Speed(n11 ):                 66.7rpm/min
Max Hydraulic Thrust (Pt ):                 2.1t
Rated Rotating Speed( r ):                 1000r/min
Model Efficiency of Turbine ( ηm ):    90%
Max Runway Speed (nfmax ):           1924r/min
Rated Output (Nt ):                            250kw
Rated Discharge (Qr)                        0.8m3/s
Rated Efficiency of Generator (ηf):   93%
Frequency of Generator( f):              50Hz
Rated Voltage of Generator (V ):      400V
Rated Current of Generator (I ):        541.3A
Excitation :                                         Brushless Excitation
Connection Way                                Direct Connection
250KW francis turbine1

250KW francis turbine7

250KW francis turbine4
Due to the influence of covid-19, Forster engineers can only guide the installation and commissioning of hydraulic generators online. Customers highly recognize the ability and patience of Forster engineers and are very satisfied with our after-sales service.

Post time: Apr-14-2022

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