2×12.5MW Francis Turbine Generator Unit for Large Maintenance

2×12.5MW Francis Turbine Generator

Technical Maintenance Form FORSTER HYDRO

Technical Maintenance

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Francis Turbine Generator Power Plant for vertical installation with a total installed capacity of 25MW These are two Francis Turbines installed vertically, so maintenance is difficult, and the owner's technicians cannot do it alone. Since ordering this equipment, the owner has fully entrusted FORSTER HYDRO as the maintenance provider and the maintenance has been completed. A professional team can really create high quality; Thank customers for their trust in FORSTER HYDRO, and look forward to more cooperation in the future to contribute more to Micro Hydro! !

Francis Turbine

Mechanical Equipment Maintenance

Routine Mechanical Equipment Maintenance

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General Electrical Equipment Maintenance

General electrical equipment maintenance

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Hydraulic Adjustment System Maintenance

Hydraulic adjustment system maintenance

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