Forster African Customer 130kW Francis Turbine Hydropower Plant Installation Completed

Last September, a French speaking gentleman from Africa contacted Forster through the Internet. Requesting Forster to provide him with a set of hydroelectric power equipment in order to build a small hydroelectric power station in his hometown to solve the local power shortage problem and bring light to the people of his hometown.
All Forster personnels were impressed by this elegant and generous gentleman, and made every effort to complete the survey and power generation plan design of the project with the highest efficiency. They completed the design and manufacturing of the entire equipment at the fastest speed and transported all the equipment from China to the client’s project location deep in the African continent by the end of January this year.


The installation and testing of the equipment were immediately completed, and the power generation was successfully turned on. The local people were grateful for the generous customers who brought electricity to their lives.


Post time: Feb-21-2024

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