Happy Chinese New Year and 2024 Good Luck

On the occasion of the traditional Chinese New Year, we extend our sincerest greetings and best wishes to all friends around the world.
In the past year, Forster has been committed to the micro hydro power industry, providing hydro power solutions to energy scarce areas as much as possible. Over a thousand friends from around the world have expressed their cooperation intentions to us, completing the production and manufacturing of hydro turbine equipment with a total installed capacity of over 50000 KW.

In the past year, Forster has successfully completed dozens of hydroelectric power projects. In the hot forests of Southeast Asia, on the vast grasslands of Africa, in the rugged Carpathian Mountains, in the long Andes Mountains, in the high Pamir Plateau, on small islands in the Pacific, and so on,hydroelectric power generator designed and manufactured by Forster are distributed.
In the past year, Forster has upgraded the technology of hydroelectric power plants for customers from South America, Southeast Asia, and Europe, revitalizing the ancient hydroelectric power plants and adapting to the growing electricity demand of local residents.

Affected by the War between Russia and Ukrainian , the Palestinian Israeli conflict, and other factors, the world will be plunged into more uncertainty and turmoil in 2023. Forster hydro adheres to an open attitude to face challenges. We embrace 2024 with open arms, and we also embrace the world. We will still do our best to bring light to the country and region within power shortages. Everything we do is to light up your life.
Dear friends, Happy New Year, 2024 Good Luck!

Post time: Feb-04-2024

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