The 1000KW Pelton Turbine Customized by Foster Eastern Europe Had Completed Production

The 1000kw pelton turbine customized by Foster Eastern Europe has been produced and will be delivered in the near future

Due to the Russia Ukraine war, Eastern Europe has been in a situation of energy shortage, and many people have started to enter the energy industry in Eastern Europe. This summer, Mr. Tadej Oprckal from Romania found Forster and asked us to provide him with a full set of hydropower solutions


After detailed understanding of the site and hydrological conditions of the client's hydropower plant, Forster's hydroelectric generator design team designed the following reasonable solutions based on other characteristics of high water head, low flow and small annual change of flow
Rated head 300m
Design flow 0.42 m ³/ s
Rated installed capacity 1000kW
Rated efficiency of generator η f 93.5%
Unit speed n11 39.83r/min
Rated frequency of generator f 50Hz
Rated voltage of generator V 400V
Rated speed n r 750r/min
Turbine model efficiency η m 89.5%
Excitation mode Brushless excitation
Maximum runaway speed nfmax 1296r/min
Generator and water turbine connection mode direct connection
Rated output Nt 1038kW
Rated flow Qr 0.42m3/s
Rated speed of generator nr 750r/min
Real turbine efficiency η r 87%
Support type of unit: horizontal two fulcrums

Customers praised Forster's professionalism and speed, and immediately signed a contract. Although affected by the epidemic this year, Forster's supply chain and production are under great pressure. But in the end, we finished the production task ahead of schedule and finished the delivery before the end of 2022

Post time: Dec-26-2022

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