Despite the restriction of epidemic prevention policy, customers visit Forster’s factory online

At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still serious, and the normalization of epidemic prevention has become the basic requirement for the development of various work. Forster, based on its own business development form and the principle of “focusing on epidemic prevention and being brave in innovation”, ensures the smooth progress of all work by innovating work methods, enriching business channels and other practical and effective ways.
The customers of this online inspection came from friendly Central Asian countries. After the early communication of the project, the customers spoke highly of Forster’s hydroelectric generating units. The customers wanted to visit Forster’s factory on the spot, but were limited by the epidemic prevention policy Foster immediately organized an online factory inspection to let customers see all the places that customers care about and are interested in through the camera.
In order to better serve customers, the General Manager, Chief Engineer and Marketing Director of Forster have all participated in this online conference. Customers can conduct technical and commercial exchanges and determine technical solutions and cooperation terms while visiting Forster. The procurement time was saved for the customer, and the promotion of hydropower project was accelerated. The customer was surprised by Forster’s flexible and considerate service and professional R&D, design and production capacity, and immediately signed a contract.
Cloud based negotiation helps project inspection and acceptance
In the past two years, due to the requirements related to epidemic prevention and control, some customers were unable to conduct on-site inspection and project acceptance. In order to facilitate customers to better understand the production and manufacturing strength of the enterprise and the quality of the acceptance project, Chengdu Forster Technology Co., Ltd. actively innovated. It not only adopted a breakthrough way of factory inspection and project acceptance through online live broadcast, but also adopted new forms such as video recording and VR panorama production to display the company’s environment, research and development, production, products, quality inspection, warehousing and transportation, etc, Let customers have a more comprehensive understanding of Forster and the project progress.
In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, in order to further adapt to the changes in customers’ purchasing habits and channels, Forster has kept pace with the times. Customers not only visited us online, but also communicated with us in terms of technology and cooperation. From the feedback results, customers are very satisfied with the promotion forms of these projects. ” Up to now, Forster has organized “cloud reception” of domestic and foreign customers for more than 20 times in the form of online factory inspection and project acceptance.


Post time: Oct-13-2022

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