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Model selection of water turbine generator sets

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:30:59

Hydro power takes use of rivers or lakes which has the potential energy to transfer them into kinetic energy by using water turbine as the driving force to produce electricity.

Nowadays, because of the many advantages of hydropower, such as abundant water resources, high efficiency, highest payback ratio, Flexibility and so on. People have paid more and more attention to hydroelectric power.

Now we will provide you some model selection tips of the hydro power generators:

 dam hydro power generators

General Principle

1. We should select the higher efficiency water turbines. And select the best range of the runner according to the turbine model of the integrated curve and the real machine operating characteristic curve to ensure that the turbine running a higher work efficiency;

2. The diameter of the selected turbine runner should be small. A smaller diameter of the runner will achieve a higher speed, thereby reducing the size if the turbine unit and reducing unit cost.     

3. The selected turbine should have good cavitation performance and work stability (pressure pulsation is small).

4. Prior to the selection of the existing model wheel diameter close to the unit.

Confirm the contents

1. To determine the number of units and stand-alone capacity

2. Select the turbine type (model selection)

3. Determine the main turbine parameters:

  • Water head (m)
  • Flow rate (l/s or m3/s)
  • Total power you need
  • Voltage 220V,400v
  • The frequency: 50hz or 60hz
  • On grid or off grid 

4. Draw the turbine running characteristic curve

5. Estimation of the dimensions, weight and price of the turbine, the form of the volute and the draft, the size, the choice of the governor and hydraulic device

6. According to the selected turbine type and parameters, combined with the turbine in the structure, materials, operation and other requirements, to develop and make the manufacturing tasks, and ultimately confirm the technical conditions of the unit as a basis for further design.

factory of hydro power generators

During the selection process of hydraulic turbine, according to the development of hydropower stations need, kinetic parameters, hydraulic structures layout, and consider the parameters of the turbine has been produced to select a number of programs to conduct a comprehensive comparison of technical and economic, and ultimately determine the best type of turbine and parameters.


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