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Working principle and instruction of the water power generation

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:18:45

Instructions of water power

At present, there are types of power generations, such as nuclear power generation, firepower, water power generation, tidal and wind power, etc. Nuclear power and thermal power to rely on imports of fuel, but the hydroelectric power is homegrown energy, and has a great help to the quality control of the power system.

Hydroelectric power plants do not consume water, after power generation, the water is still running water, can also realize the use in agricultural and industrial, so it is  the quite clean renewable energy. However, because of the increasing resistance to set the hydro power generating units by building a damn, the large size of hydro power units can only be built and operated under certain conditions. So small and medium-sized hydro power generators become more and more popular.

Water is the natural cycle of the rich resources, if we can make good use of it, it can benefit all the mankind. But if it can not be controlled, not only the waste of resources, but also harm infinite. Because of the close relationship between the water and the agriculture, industrial production and people's lives, human life can not be without water whether directly or indirectly, so all countries attach great importance to the development of hydropower. To eliminate floods and droughts, and improve the living standards of mankind.


The working principle

Impact of water flow, to rotate the turbine runner, and drive the generator rotor rotated by the spindle. Winding pass into the DC current of the rotor coil in the generator rotor the rotor coil will produce a rotating magnetic field. Lines of magnetic is cut by the stator coil during rotation, according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, a voltage is generated in the stator coils, after stator coils is connected the load, the stator coil generate a current. This is the basic working principle of hydropower generation.

Output power of water

If the total drop height is H(m), the flow rate is Q (m3/s) and the power is expressed in kilowatts (kW), the output power of water is P = 9.8 ηQH (kW), where η is for the overall efficiency.

Take a power plant as an example, the total drop is 100 meters, the flow rate is 10m3/s, then theoretically can produce the output power is: P = 9.8 × 0.9 × 10 × 100 = 8,820 ( KW)

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