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What is the counterattack turbine?

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:31:23
According to the acceleration method of different counterattack turbine can be divided into three kinds of oblique flow, mixed flow and axial flow.

Turgo turbine generator cavitation coefficient is small, high efficiency, leaf shape is simple. The water head is generally 40 to 200 meters, often as a reversible hydraulic machinery.
Mixed flow(francis) type turbine generator is the most common application type, it is simple structure, small size, low cost, full load when high efficiency, the speed of 50 to 300, the water head for 30 to 700 meters. Stand output from tens of kilowatts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts. At present, the maximum output of this turbine has more than 700,000 kilowatts, which is one of the most widely used turbines. China's stand-alone capacity of 700 MW units put into operation in the Three Gorges, Xiangjiaba dam adopt the 800 MW mixed flow unit
Axial flow (kaplan) turbine can be divided into twist type, fixed paddle type. The average efficiency of the pulverized turbine is higher than that of the mixed flow type, and its specific speed is as high as 200 ~ 850. The unit is small in size and light in weight, suitable for low water head (3 ~ 80 meters) and heavy load generations. But in the use of head to improve, its over-current capacity is easily limited, and the cavitation coefficient is large.

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