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Two types of micro-hydropower turbines

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:19:59

Turbine generator is the use of water energy to promote the turbine to produce electricity. The specific process is the water flow through the water guiding building into the turbine, to promote the rotation of the turbine wheel, and then drive the generator to generate electricity. Turbine generator is one of the important equipment of hydropower station. According to the flow of water into the runner after the flow and the structural characteristics of the turbine, micro-hydraulic turbine generator is mainly divided into two types: Pelton type and counterattack type. Axial flow turbine and Francis turbine are counterattack type turbines. Pelton turbine, turgo turbine, double-click type is the impact type.

 francis turbine genrators                                               tubular turbine generators

The pelton turbine is the use of nozzles to let the water which is introduced into the high-pressure water pipe form a solid jet, then impact on the wheel on the bucket, so that the wheel rotation and work. Counterattack turbine is mainly used when the water flow through the impeller, and form a differential pressure between the positive and negative of the impeller. In the construction of micro-hydropower stations, the water turbine plays an important role. It requires a reasonable choice of water turbine, the correct installation, management, and maintenance of water turbines, and better play the role of micro-hydropower.

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