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Tips for normal boot and shutdown of francis turbine generator(1/2)

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:17:02
1. General flow of small-scale hydro-turbine unit start normal steps
(1) Close the disconnector and manual air switch
(2) To close the synchronizing switch and the synchronizing screen switch.
(3) Open the inlet valve.
(4) Open the valve, so let the volute filled with water, then close.
(5) Open the vacuum gauge, pressure gauge and cooling water valve.
(6) slowly turn the speed control hand wheel, and gradually increase the speed, to be close to the rated speed and voltage buildup to adjust the magnetic field resistance, so that the voltage close to the system voltage.
(7) adjust the cycle same as the network cycle, and also the voltage is equal, this time the light rotation slows down, zero-value voltmeter pointer swing also slows down to its pointer to zero and phase lights off, then press the button, the contactor connected, put into the system and finally start operation.
(8) As soon as possible to open a large water opening, so that the unit to bring the load.
10Kw Francis Turbine Generator
2. Normal shutdown operating steps of the general small-scale francis hydro turbine generators:
(1) Record the instrument readings before after the machine shutdown, generator rotate unloading load.
(2) Slowly close the water guide vane, to be reduced to 35% of the rated speed, then brake it.
(3) Remove the water resistance start button, so that the remaining power consumption in the water resistance.
(4) Pull down the air switch and knife switch handle, put on the warning signs of "No Closing".
(5) If the long-term shutdown, the water in pipeline should be exhausted.

3. Main points of operation and maintenance of hydro generating units:
(1) When the unit on its operation, pay attention to the the governor oil pressure gauge and oil pressure gauge oil pressure indicator cannot be great different.
(2) The unit in the process of downtime, should try to shorten the low speed running time.
(3) Regularly check the spindle swing.
(4) When the unit operation, should also do the following work on a regular basis:
  • Regularly switch the oil pump and pilot oil pump of the oil pressure device to prevent the motor from becoming damp.
  • The connection of the lever of the governor should be filled regularly.
  • The water separator should be discharged regularly.
  • Regular cleaning rubber water guide bearing lubricating water filter.
  • When the unit is spare, it is regularly put into the test of the lubricating water for the rubber water guide bearing.
  • Regularly to the butterfly valve bearing oil.

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