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Tips for normal boot and shutdown of francis turbine generator(2/2)

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:17:49

Last time, we have talked about some tips for normal boot and shutdown of francis turbine generator(click to see the previous message), have you get something useful, here we will continuously provide you other tips:

125 Kw Francis Turbine Generator horizontal type

1. The conditions for the parallel operation of hydroelectric generating units include:

(1) The frequency of generator is equal to the system frequency.
(2) Output voltage of generator is equal to the system voltage.
(3) The generator voltage phase is the same as the system voltage phase.
(4) The generator phase sequence is consistent with the system phase sequence.

2. The methods for the parallel operation of hydroelectric generating units.
It can be divided into two categories, that is, the same period and quasi-period. Small hydropower stations commonly use the quasi-period. And the commonly used methods of Quasi-synchronous are:

(1) Light rotation method.
(2) Light quenching method.
(3) Zero value voltmeter method.
(4) The whole table method.
(5) Semiconductor automatic quasi-synchronization.

3. The inspection items before the turbine starts:

(1) Low head power station gate should be opened, the water level of machine room should be normal. In the middle/high-head power station should check the pressure pipe and inlet gate 

     operating mechanism is flexible, the valve should be closed.

(2) Bolts should be tightened everywhere, with particular attention to the foot screw.
(3) The oil level of the bearing should be normal, oil quality need to meet regulatory requirements.
(4) Governor hand wheel to be flexible and in the closed position.
(5) The main circuit of the switchboard switch should be in the open position, the resistance of the magnetic field rheostat in the maximum position, all the fuse should be inserted.
(6) Pull the flywheel or pulley, observe whether the unit is flexible rotation, the internal sound is normal.
(7) The generator air gap should be no debris, brush, slip ring position is normal and smooth.
(8) Whether the rotating device is normal, the belt or coupling, etc. should be tightened.
(9) Whether there is debris in the outdoor substation and transmission lines, the staff is evacuated.
(10) Do the channel drainage work before the generator start.
75 Kw vertical type Francis Turbine Generator
4. Operation steps of emergency stop: only when encountered personal and equipment and other abnormal incidents can implement emergency shutdown, the steps are:
(1) Lift the release of the button, so that with the system off, automatically into the water resistance device.
(2) Quickly close the aqueduct.
(3) The remaining steps are the same as normal shutdown.

5. What are the inspection items for the hydroelectric generating units before the test, the water turbine and the governor?
(1) Water shutters must be in the fully closed position, to prevent misuse.
(2) Volute drain valve fully open, volute no pressure, into the hole should be closed.
(3) Cut off the operating power.
(4) Oil pump to an automatic, one spare. No spare pump should be placed in manual position.
(5) Open the lock ingot device.
(6) Fly placed in the manual position, double filter connected to the auxiliary role of Jane side.
(7) Will be turned to open the handle to open after the sad, gradually open the load limit by 0 ~ 100%, and then all off, turn the handle to twist off the side.
(8) After the above test, make an emergency stop test. In the case of fully open the relay will open the handle to twist to the whole, record from 100% to zero full clearance time.
(9) Put into the lock ingot, fly back to the automatic position.

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