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The main equipment of water power - turbines and generators

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:21:10

Water turbine descriptions

A hydraulic turbine is a prime mover that transforms hydraulic potential energy into useful mechanical energy. Although there are many types of turbines, the steps to use hydraulic power are the same.  To use a considerable height of water fall and flow of water, so that it through a certain waterway, then produce the energy impact from the height; the use of this force on the rotating parts of the turbine, the turbine rotation. And connect the rotating shaft of the water turbine with a generator, the generator will also emit electricity as it rotates. Because of the differences in the level of water drop and the amount of water, the types of water power turbines vary depending on the economic use of the hydraulic power. In general, the terrain, flood level, water volume, water quality and other factors are closely related to the operation and maintenance of the turbine, so it is necessary to fully study and weigh the pros and cons of the parties to choose the most suitable water power turbine.

The water drop of the water turbine

Water drop is also known as the water head, that is, the height difference between upstream and downstream waterway. In general, the turbine is in the highest efficiency on running under the design water head, and in the higher or lower water head, it is not only less efficient, and prone to cavitation and vibration phenomena.

Types of the water turbine

According to the different mode of action, the turbine can be divided into two types of impact and counterattack. The impact type turbine’s rotation depends on the impact of high-speed water flow, so more used in high drop places. And the pelton turbine is high efficiency in the light load, so it is suitable for use in the more changes of the water amount or load in the power plant; and because the repair more convenient, it can also be used in the places for not very good water quality. The counterattack hydraulic turbine is the use of water pressure and flow rate to promote, is the most commonly used hydraulic turbine, the use of the water drop and a wide range of water resources, and most can be developed with the hydraulic resources.

Choose of the water turbine

After the assignment of hydroelectric power plant site , you can determine the effective water drop and output power. It depends on the relationship among the speed, drop and power to determine the choosing type of water turbine. In addition to special circumstances, in the general hydro-electric power plan, the selection range of water drop and the cooperation of water turbine type are: impact turbine: ≥300 m; Counterattack turbine: 2 m~500 m. And what’s more, due to the great progress in manufacturing technology in recent years, the capacity and drop range of the impact and counterattack turbine have the expanded trend.


Generator is the machine that transform the mechanical energy into electricity by magnetic energy. The biggest difference of the generators among the hydropower plant, fire power and nuclear power plant id the structure of the rotor, the water power generator has two types: vertical type and horizontal type.

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