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The feature of the micro turbine generators

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:27:53
Micro hydro generator is a simple hydroelectric generating unit suitable for rural which with the small hydraulic resources. Micro-hydro-generators usually refer to installed capacity of less than 100kw.
micro hydro turbine generators
Its main features are:
(1) Short cycle, it can be built in a short period of time investment.
(2) Easy to repair, easy to spread.
(3) Small capacity, it is suitable for decentralized construction and use, especially for mountain and mid-mountain farmers.
(4) Investment saving. the amount of one-time investment is not large, easy to self-financing, self-built and self-use.
micro hydro turbine generator
Chengdu Forster Technology Co., Ltd., located in Sichuan, China, which is a technology-intensive enterprises collection of manufacturing and service of hydraulic machinery-related products. At present, we mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of the hydro-generating units, small hydropower, micro-turbine and other products. The types of micro-turbine are kaplan  turbine, francis turbine, pelton turbine, tubular turbine and turgo turbine with large selection range of water head and flow rate, the output power range of 0.6-600kW, and the water turbine generator can choose a variety of customized specifications and models according to the customer demand.

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