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Talking about the characteristics and application scope of Francis hydro-generator

Author: source: date: 2020-06-24 11:52:02

Talking about the characteristics and application scope of Francis hydro-generator

As the main power generation device of a hydroelectric power station, there are many types of hydroelectric generators, such as axial flow, mixed flow, oblique impact, impact, cross flow, etc. These are common types of hydroelectric generators. Different hydro-generators have different application scenarios. Today we will introduce the Francis hydro-generators to see what their scope and features are.

Francis turbine generator, also known as Francis turbine, the water flow enters the runner from the radial direction and flows out along the axial direction. The flow head of Francis turbine has a wide range of application, simple structure, reliable operation and high efficiency. It is one of the most widely used modern turbines. The water flow through the runner is radial, and the lead-out mechanism is radial. The opening of the guide vane can be adjusted with the change of the load. The runner is composed of an upper crown, a lower ring, and a certain number of streamlines fixed in the middle. Composed of leaves.

Range of Francis Hydrogenerator

Francis turbine generators are used in large and medium-sized hydropower stations with a head of 30-700m, while medium and small Francis turbines can be used in hydropower stations with a head of 20-400m to drive the turbine generator to generate electricity.

Characteristics of Francis Hydroelectric Generator

1. Suitable for low head and large flow;
2. Pressure inlet and pressure outlet; water inflow and water outflow in the pipeline.
3. The turbine is separated from the generator for easy maintenance and replacement of wearing parts.
4. The turbine has three separate bearings and two bearings for the generator, so the structure is more reliable.
5. The hydraulic turbine bearing has an independent oil lubrication system, bearing life is longer.

6. Brushless excitation generator, no need to replace carbon brush, maintenance is more convenient.


The above are the applicable scope and characteristics of the Francis turbine generator. Francis turbine generator is currently the most widely used turbine. It is mainly because compared with other types of hydraulic turbines, when the operating conditions are the same, the energy characteristics of the mixed flow type are better than the water bucket type, and the anti-cavitation performance is stronger than the axial flow type, and the rated load efficiency is high, so it is widely used.

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