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Some A Bout Hydro Turbine Generator

Author: source: date: 2019-01-24 09:23:28

Hydro turbine generator is used for power generation, Its principle is Water energy converted into mechanical energy to generate electricity. Most of the modern turbines are installed in hydropower stations to drive generators to generate electricity. In the hydropower station, the water in the upstream reservoir is led to the turbine through the water conduit, pushing the turbine runner to rotate and driving the generator to generate electricity. The finished water is drained downstream through the tailpipe. The higher the head and the greater the flow, the greater the output power of the turbine. Turbine and auxiliary machinery are important hydropower equipment, which are an indispensable part of the hydropower industry. They are important equipment for making full use of clean renewable energy to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and reduce environmental pollution. The comprehensive strength of China's turbine and auxiliary machinery manufacturing industry has increased significantly. The whole industry has shown a prosperous situation of vigorous development and vitality. The industry's better sign is reflected in the improvement of economic operation quality and the significant increase in economic benefits.


 Hydro turbine generator have many types, different types suit different situation (such as different water head, flow rate, voltage , frequency and so on) . there are five types hydro turbine generator in our company:
1 Kaplan turbine generator
2 Francis turbine generator
3 Pelton turbine generator
4 Tubular turbine generator
5 Turgo turbine generator
 Firstly the Kaplan turbine generator suit low water head, large flow rate, the water head is about 9-15m, and if will install Kaplan turbine, then the project need build Vortex stone. Under the same head, its specific number of revolutions is higher than that of a Francis turbine. When customer tell us they need Kaplan turbine, we should ask them whether they have built up the vortex stone on this project.
Secondly Francis turbine generator is the most widely used turbine in the world, can use of suitable water head and suitable flow rate, the water head is about 15-200m, the blade is switchable. This kind of turbine have more applicable. Compared with the axial flow paddle type, the structure is simpler, the operation is stable, and the highest efficiency is higher than that of the axial flow type.
Thirdly Pelton turbine generator suit high water head, low flow rate, the water head is about 150-700m.
Fourth Turgo turbine generator suit medium and high water head, the flow rate is smaller than Francis turbine generator, the water head is about 70-250m. The inclined flow turbine has a complicated structure and high cost. Generally speaking, the Pelton turbine generator and Turgo turbine generator can exchange with each other, the Pelton turbine generator have better performance, they all can produce with several nozzles.
Fifth is Tubular turbine generator, this generator high efficiency, large overcurrent capability, high specific speed, and it’s suit low water head and larger flow rate, and it is self-contained volute, and it have bent pipe, so it have high installation requirements.
Hydro power generator unit including: water turbine, generator, inlet valve, governor, computer control panel, and other ancillary equipment. In the present power system, the hydro-turbine governor has become the central part of a hydro-turbine control system.

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