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Selection of water source in the early stage of hydro power plant construction

Author: source: date: 2019-10-14 10:04:20

From a global perspective, there are more and more small hydropower stations, whether it is for high head pelton turbines, low head Kaplan turbines, and Kaplan replaceable Tubular turbines, medium and high head Turgo turbines and medium head Francis turbines. It is spread all over the world in all countries.

hydro power plant

Micro hydro power has a wide range of capacities from 100 kW to 50 MW. Therefore, the selection of small hydropower sources that are smaller than the water level, similar to traditional hydro power, should consider years of water flow, precipitation, evaporation, topographic conditions, hydraulic gradients, etc. It is also necessary to consider the construction of a station, for example, a dam type or a diversion type. Of course, small hydropower can take advantage of the tailwater produced by traditional hydropower or as part of a traditional water elevator development. It can also use water that is not suitable for traditional hydropower, such as lakes with high water levels.
Since the micro hydropower station is mainly built by the grassroots or self-invested users, the choice of water source is much simpler: the water flow and the water head can meet the basic needs of the users, and the water construction and equipment investment are also acceptable. user. The choice of micro HPP water source is not only suitable for local conditions, but also for different users. Homogeneous water resources may not be available in one place, but can be fully utilized in another.
Of course, the choice of water source should be conducive to protecting the environment, not occupying cultivated land, but to minimize damage to vegetation and immigration.

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