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Operation and Maintenance Knowledge of Hydroelectric turbine generating Set

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:16:16
Micro hydroelectricity turbine generator is more and more popular among people of all over the world, it is simple structure and installation, it can wildly used in most of the mountain area, or along the revers. And we need to know some of the knowledge of operation and maintenance of the hydroelectric turbine generators, here we will provide you some tips:

(1) When using the turbine generator sets below things should be done regularly:
  • Each steam separator should be discharged regularly.
  • Regular oiling to butterfly valve bearings.
  • When the unit is spare, do the test of the lubricating water for the rubber water guide bearing.
  • The connection of the lever of the governor should be filled the oil regularly.
  • Regularly switch the oil pump and guide bearing oil pump to prevent the motor from becoming damp.
  • Regular cleaning of rubber water guide bearing lubricating water filter.

(2) Regularly check the swing of the spindle.

(3) When the unit starts with the system side by side, if the speed control system is found to be unstable, the opening limit can be used to stabilize. After juxtaposing with the system, the opening limit can be placed on the maximum output limit of the unit. In the operation of the unit, the opening limit of the aqueduct should be placed at the limit of the maximum output of the unit.
(4) When the operation of unit, pay attention that the difference of the governor oil pressure gauge and the pressure gauge oil pressure gauge cannot be large.

(5) When the unit in the process of downtime, should be as short as possible to reduce the low speed running time. When the speed down to the rated speed of 35% to 40%, you can increase the brake.

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