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Micro hydroelectric generator for use home and rural

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:44:45

Micro hydro-generator sets generally refer to installed capacity below 30 kW (the international standard is below 100 KW). Suitable for installation in rural areas and other similar places with a water resource environment, the hydroelectric generating unit is simple and easy to install.

tubularpelton turbine

Micro Hydropower Advantage:

Like large and medium-sized hydropower stations, micro hydropower is hydroelectric, but it is not a small hydropower.

1, small capacity It is suitable for scattered construction and use, especially suitable for farmers and rural areas in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas.

2, low investment costs, very suitable for areas with less developed economy and rich water resources.

3, due to the small size, it can be used for investment in a short period of time.

4, the technology is simple and suitable for installation and civil engineering is very simple and easy to popularize.

5, the dispersion, that is, the capacity of a single station is not large, but its resources exist everywhere;

6. The negative impact on the ecological environment is small;

7, simplicity, that is, the technology is mature, no complicated and expensive technology, especially in the installation of the unit and the pre-construction;

8, localization, that is, local people and people can participate in the construction, and can use local materials construction as much as possible, which undoubtedly greatly reduces procurement and labor costs;

9, standardization, that is, easier to achieve design standardization and electromechanical equipment standardization, in order to reduce costs and shorten the construction period. The planning, design, construction, equipment manufacturing and operation management of small hydropower should adapt to these characteristics in order to achieve advanced technology, reliable operation, economical investment and low cost, and a wide range of applications.

francis turbineturgo turbine

Engine Features

The use of low head,small flow,by the use’s own,liaison office,to solve the household and Eletrical micro machine.

Smiple structure lighnt weight,high integrity,convenient transportation and installation,simple operation easy to use.

Output voltage is set to 380/220 volts need not rise,buck.

With the constant pressure conttoller,stable output voltage,adjustable road to the single output,wide application range of load,low price.



Q1, Which turbine should I choose?

 Please tell me the water head, flow rate, frequency, Total power you need

, voltage, on grid or off grid operation, we will propose a solution.

Q2, Can your factory provide all the equipment for hydropower generation?

Yes, we can provide you with turbines, hydro-generators, pressure regulators, turbine wheels, control panels, transformers, monitoring systems and more.

Q3, Can you do EPC for a hydroelectric power plant?

Yes, we can provide TURN-KEY and EPC services including measurement, design, manufacturing, construction, manufacturing, commissioning, inspection, maintenance runner replacement and refurbishment/upgrade/improvement/repair/refurbishment of turbines/generators including bearings, seals For parts and key parts, we will send technicians and workers to install equipment.

Q4,Is your company a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer of hydro turbine generators and started to promote the international market in 2013. Our factory is located in Sichuan, where China's water conservancy and hydropower is most developed. Welcome to visit our factory in China.

Q5, What is an acceptable MOQ?

 For this product, our acceptable MOQ is 1 set.

Q6,How long is the delivery time?

Delivery times range from 15 days to 6 months depending on the model you are purchasing.

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