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Learn about Pelton Turbine geneartor

Author: source: date: 2019-06-25 09:23:08

In the early stage of the impingement turbine, when the water flows into the blades, the kinetic energy loss is very large and the efficiency is not high. One thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine The bucket turbine was invented by American Engineer Pelton in 1960. It has a streamlined contracting nozzle that can efficiently convert the energy of water flow into the kinetic energy of a high-speed jet. The top of the turbine (the whole section can be eliminated, 80% of the top section is out of date and replaced. In the early 1980s, the world's largest single-machine bucket turbine was installed at Sir Sima Power Station in Norway, with a capacity of 315 MW, a head of 885 meters and a speed of 300 rpm. It was put into operation in 1980. The bucket turbine with the highest water head is installed at Mount Reyserk Power Station in Austria. Its single unit power is 22.8 MW, rotating speed is 750 rpm, and water head is 1763.5 M. It was put into operation in 1959.

In the 1980s, the world's largest turbines were manufactured by China Eastern Electric Machinery Works and installed at Gezhouba Hydropower Station in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River in China. The power of the turbines was 170 MW, the water head was 18.6 meters, the speed was 54.6 revolutions per minute, and the diameter of the turbines was 11.3 meters. The turbines were put into operation in 1981. The world's highest-head rotary-propeller turbines are installed in Nambia, Italy, with a water head of 88.4 meters, a single unit power of 13.5 MW and a rotating speed of 375 rpm. They were put into operation in 1959.

pelton turbine

The Francis turbine with the highest water head in the world was installed at the Roshayk power station in Austria. Its water head is 672 meters and its single unit power is 58.4 MW. It was put into operation in 1967. The Francis turbine with the largest power and size was installed at the Daguli Third Power Station in the United States. The unit power is 700 MW, the diameter of the runner is about 9.75 meters, the head is 87 meters, and the speed is 85.7 revolutions/min. It was put into operation in 1978.
The largest Francis pump turbine in the world is installed in the Bremen pumped storage power station in the Federal Republic of Germany. The turbine head is 237.5 meters, the generator power is 660 MW, the speed is 125 rpm; the pump head is 247.3 meters, the motor power is 700 MW, the speed is 125 rpm.
The world's largest oblique-flow turbine is installed in the Soviet Union's Jieya Hydropower Station, with a stand-alone power of 215 MW and a water head of 78.5 meters.
pelton waterator wheel gener turbine is a kind of hydraulic prime mover which uses special water guide mechanism to draw out free jet with kinetic energy and rush to the runner bucket to make the runner rotate and do work. In the turbina pelton precio,according to the relative position and working times of the working jet and the runner, it can be divided into three types: the cut-impact turbine, the oblique-impact turbine and the double-impact turbine.


Nowadays, the pelton turbine, which takes the water truck as the prototype, is becoming a new hot field in the field of water turbine. When other kinds of turbine are relatively mature, the impact turbine is receiving more and more attention. Modern pelton turbine is a kind of hydraulic prime mover which uses special water guide mechanism to draw out free jet with kinetic energy and rush to the runner bucket to make the runner rotate and do work so as to complete the conversion of water energy into mechanical energy. In the impact turbine, according to the relative position and working times of the working jet and the runner, it can be divided into the cut-and-impact turbine, the oblique-impact turbine and the double-impact turbine.
Theoretical analysis shows that the efficiency is the highest when the circumferential velocity of the bucket knot is about half of the jet velocity. When the load changes, the inlet speed direction of the runner remains unchanged. In addition, these turbines are all used in high-head power stations. The change of water head is relatively small and the speed changes little, so the efficiency is less affected by the change of load, the efficiency curve is relatively gentle, and the maximum efficiency exceeds 91%.

Pelton turbine Engine features:

1. Suitable for high head,small flow and flow changes in large runoff dropower station;

2. With the power plant investment is small,compact units structure characteristics;

3. Has the efficiency changes smoothly,opersting a wide range,even in the 115%-20% load is reduced efficiency;

4. Suitable for high head,small flow station in mountainous area;

5. A unit constatraction,simple restaction without cavitation condtion,the advantages of stable operation,less investment,constucion area.

pelton turbine generator

Hydraulic turbines are power machines that convert the energy of water flow into rotating mechanical energy. They belong to turbomachinery in fluid machinery. As early as 100 BC or so, the prototype of water turbine appeared in China water  wheel, used for irrigation and driving grain processing equipment. Most modern turbines are installed in hydroelectric power stations, which are used to drive generators to generate electricity. In hydropower stations, the water in the upstream reservoir is directed to the turbine through the diversion pipe, driving the turbine runner to rotate and driving the generator to generate electricity. The water after work is drained downstream through the tail water pipe. The higher the head and the larger the flow, the greater the output power of the turbine.

hydro turbine


Q1, Which turbine should I choose?

 Please tell me the water head, flow rate, frequency, Total power you need

, voltage, on grid or off grid operation, we will propose a solution.

Q2, Can your factory provide all the equipment for hydropower generation?

Yes, we can provide you with turbines, hydro-generators, pressure regulators, turbine wheels, control panels, transformers, monitoring systems and more.

Q3, Can you do EPC for a hydroelectric power plant?

Yes, we can provide TURN-KEY and EPC services including measurement, design, manufacturing, construction, manufacturing, commissioning, inspection, maintenance runner replacement and refurbishment/upgrade/improvement/repair/refurbishment of turbines/generators including bearings, seals For parts and key parts, we will send technicians and workers to install equipment.

Q4,Is your company a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer of hydro turbine generators and started to promote the international market in 2013. Our factory is located in Sichuan, where China's water conservancy and hydropower is most developed. Welcome to visit our factory in China.

Q5, What is an acceptable MOQ?

 For this product, our acceptable MOQ is 1 set.

Q6,How long is the delivery time?

Delivery times range from 15 days to 6 months depending on the model you are purchasing.

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