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Introduction Of Hydro Turbine Volute

Author: source: date: 2020-04-15 09:37:53

With the development of hydropower industry, the unit capacity of hydropower stations under construction and to be built in China is increasing. Although the increase of single unit capacity reduces the cost of turbine, there are many new problems in the design, manufacture, installation, construction and operation of volute structure, such as the vibration of volute structure and the influence of temperature load on the stress and strength of volute structure, which should be paid more attention. Based on the actual situation of a large hydropower station, this paper is divided into seven chapters. First of all, this paper introduces the various types of volute structure and the current situation of design and research. Then, based on the basic theory of finite element analysis, this paper uses the general finite element analysis software SuperSAP and ANSYS to build the model. Combined with the corresponding concept of modal analysis, temperature analysis theory and nonlinear analysis principle, the finite element static and dynamic calculation, temperature stress of various types of volute structure are carried out And non-linear characteristic analysis, and some problems worthy of further study in this subject are described. In the process of modeling and calculation, this paper simulates the steel lining, cushion, concrete and steel bar as real as possible, and draws some useful conclusions, which is of certain reference value to other similar projects.


Safe and stable operation is an important guarantee for the long-term safe operation of hydroelectric generating units. Many of the hydraulic generating units that have been put into operation have experienced severe mechanical vibration, and some of them also have large noise. The tearing of the guide plate of the volute also brings great hidden danger to the safe and stable operation of the unit. At present, the common solution is to repair and weld the reinforcing rib. In this paper, the finite element method is used to analyze the static and dynamic response of the guide plate of the spiral case of the Three Gorges hydraulic turbine unit, focusing on the comparison of the changes of displacement and stress on the guide plate before and after reinforcement and the changes of dynamic response characteristics, to test whether the welding reinforcement can improve the tearing resistance of the guide plate, and to provide reference and scientific basis for the vibration research and optimal operation of the unit. The main work of this paper is as follows:

(1) the finite element software ANSYS is used to establish the models of the guide plate of the hydraulic turbine unit before and after reinforcement, and appropriate boundary conditions are applied according to the actual situation. 

(2) APDL language is used to program and calculate. The given load data is transformed into the load data on the model through interpolation calculation, and it is added to the model of the guide plate before and after the reinforcement respectively. 

(3) conduct static analysis on the guide plate before and after reinforcement, check the deformation and stress of the model, and analyze and compare the results. 

(4) according to the actual operation data of some units, the dynamic analysis of the model is carried out by using the simulated time load, and the dynamic response characteristics are obtained and compared. 

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