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Hydroelectric Turbine Generator Station Maintenance

Author: source: date: 2020-05-22 10:15:55

The world's first power station was built in the 19th century with France, and the French hydroelectric generator is also known as the "Crown" of French manufacturing. Although the technology of hydropower generation is now relatively mature, but also because of its early development, there are any outdated electrical equipment of hydropower stations, especially in terms of generator sets. In this case, the new technology of the upgrading of the generator set is particularly important. Let's discuss the upgrading and transformation measures of the next generating unit.

Use computer technology for system monitoring:

Adopt computer monitoring system, safe and reliable, practical and economic, advanced technology, easy to maintain, and strong upgrade ability. After the technical transformation, the level of power station automation management will be improved, the efficiency of power generation will be improved, the intensity of operation labor will be reduced, and the operation management mode of fewer people on duty will be realized. Carry out monitoring on the host computer, and monitor the role. By using the dual-machine hot standby method, all the information can be monitored, such as the status of the primary main wiring diagram, electrical power flow diagram, hydroelectric generating unit and other equipment can be understood in detail to carry out effective various data Effective record and effective reflection of various fault information, can effectively control and operate the unit's startup, shutdown, power increase and decrease, no-load, idling, increase and decrease magnetization, etc., and can effectively control the circuit breaker and electric The isolating knife gate is equally closed.

Under normal circumstances, the operation is performed on the main operator station, and another workstation is used as a backup. When the main operator's workstation fails, it is possible to transform the backup operator's workstation into the operator's main workstation. Redundant main and backup working methods are used between the stations to prevent the occurrence of a single fault from affecting the entire system.

Unit speed measuring and controlling device:

The speed device should be the preferred SPCT1 / 4 speed controller. The device adopts two methods: frequency measurement and measurement cycle. The main aspect of frequency measurement is to monitor the two Hall switch signals, plus the l-frr (permanent magnet machine or voltage transformer) signal (the larger of the two) for screening; the two-way frr (permanent magnet machine or The voltage transformer) signal is the main content of the period measurement method, plus one Hall switch signal (the larger of the two) for screening. Output 7 switch values reflecting different speeds for on-site use.

The generator set can effectively memorize and display the maximum speed when there is an over-speed problem, which can easily solve the problems of unit accidents and over-speed in load dump tests. If there is a problem with the input signal in the normal operation of the device, the board lamp will light up and alarm, but at the same time as long as there is a signal normal, the SPCTl / 4 speed measuring controller can still work stably. The imported controller is the main controller of the monitor. Its measurement method is 4-channel parallel redundancy, which can achieve multiple effects such as hardware watchdog and software differential anti-interference. Reliable action contacts, high measurement accuracy, and easy operation are its biggest advantages.


Automatic quasi-synchronization device:

The previous manual quasi-synchronization devices usually have the following defects: The timing of closing is difficult to grasp, and the requirements on the operator are high; The timing of closing is large, and the delay of electrical transmission and machinery is difficult to effectively match the circuit breaker The inherent closing time of the device is easy to cause non-synchronized closing, greater impact on the circuit breaker, generator and electrical system; It is difficult to effectively adjust automatically. In particular, the frequency (rotation speed) must be adjusted by the electrical and water machine operators several times to make the grid-connected operation take a long time.

The main functions of the microcomputer quasi-synchronization device are: when connected to the grid, various parameters of the unit can be set independently, and the "actual closing time of the circuit breaker operating circuit" can be automatically displayed and measured. For the average frequency control coefficient, the time before the circuit breaker closes, the allowable frequency difference for closing, and the average voltage control coefficient, etc., it can automatically display the time; at the same time, it also has an overvoltage protection function. It can immediately output the buck signal and close the acceleration control loop to make it return to normal. Therefore, it has strong frequency and voltage equalization performance, which can effectively promote the quasi-synchronization conditions and achieve greater speed.


The device can accurately capture the quasi-synchronization timing of the first occurrence, because the closing control effectively blocks the software and hardware. To a large extent, it is ensured that the generator is connected to the grid when the phase difference allows. After changing to an automatic quasi-synchronization device, it only takes 50-90s for the unit to send from the start-up order to the unit and go to the system. The idling energy consumption decreases before the generator is connected to the grid and the impact when the unit is connected to the grid is significantly reduced.


The above are the measures for the upgrading of the hydro-generator set using new technologies. As a power generation mode using water as a renewable energy source, hydropower is relatively environmentally friendly. Nowadays, eco-environmental protection is promoted, and the hydropower generation model has also made new developments. From the river to the ocean, the market for hydroelectric generating units has also expanded.

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