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Hydro Turbine Generator That Has Been In Continuous Operation For 78 Years

Author: source: date: 2020-06-29 10:50:59

Hydro turbine generator that has been in continuous operation for 78 years

Taking into account the high cost, I do not advocate the ultimate product reliability. However, if we want to do a good job of reliability, we must first be able to achieve the ultimate product reliability and then the product reliability to be just right, and we now lack the ability to achieve the ultimate product reliability, hoping that more companies While going abroad, it can make up this piece and eventually build China's world-class enterprise.

In Tongzi County, Guizhou, during the Anti-Japanese War, the United States helped build an underground power station behind the Anti-Japanese War to provide power to the underground arsenal at the time. In order to prevent Japanese aircraft bombing, these two engines are installed underground and the location is extremely secret. The hydropower plant was built in an underground cave located in a large pit, and the plane could not be seen flying over. A small river, do not know where the water comes from? When it reaches the bottom of the cliff, it will stop flowing without knowing where to go. 78 years later, these two turbine generators are still generating electricity.

At that time, the site of the 41st Arsenal was selected as a large karst cave discovered during road construction. For the 41st Arsenal to complete production tasks, it must first ensure power supply. At the beginning of the relocation, only two high-power diesel engines were used for power generation. As most international traffic lines are blocked, transportation is difficult and oil imports are limited. The 30-car transportation team, which rotates daily to Chongqing to pull diesel fuel, is still in short supply, seriously affecting production. In order to solve the power shortage, Zhong Daochang, director of the 41st Arsenal, proposed to build a hydropower plant.

On April 15, 1942, the installation of hydroelectric generator No. 1 was completed and power generation began. The generator was produced by American GE Company in 1942. It is two three-phase alternating current generators with six control panels for high and low voltage power generation, relay and self-use power. The generator outlet voltage is 6600V, and it can be directly supplied to users without a step-up transformer. The turbine is a medium-sized Francis turbine with a total power of 1,000 horsepower and two sets of Woodward hydraulic, automatic and manual dual-speed governors.

Today, due to the careful maintenance and maintenance of the workers and the excellent quality of the unit itself, its operation has been very stable. Meters of various shapes are densely covered on the main control device, and the surface has been yellowed. Although the "senior level" meters of the same age as the hydropower plant have been in service for many years, they have not been laid off. A ceiling fan with wooden blades hung from the ceiling, which was also a berlin of the year, and it still rotates as usual.


These two generators have been in operation for 78 years and have been generating electricity for 70 years, generating 6600V of electricity and delivering it directly. The generator in the dark and humid place is shiny, and the coil winding is still brand new. It is a miracle. The domestic generators produced in Dinosaur Lake in 1979 have been laid off and scrapped.

1. The main reason why these two generators can stay until now is that it is located deep in the mountains, sparsely populated, inconvenient transportation, and few people know. Thanks also to the workers who carefully maintained the two generators.

2. These two generators have been generating electricity from 1942 to the present, and even the bearings have not been replaced. This is a miracle. This is a product of the old and beautiful 1930s and 40s, but it has such high quality and Reliability, such quality, is worthy of reference for China's manufacturing industry and for reference by Chinese manufacturing quality legislators. Even today, our country may not be able to create something of the same level. This reflects the huge gap between them. This is probably why the Germans made a special trip to China to find these two generators, which is enough to illustrate his historical value and scientific and technological value.

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