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Factors Affecting The Stability of Hydraulic Turbines In Hydropower Stations Ⅱ

Author: source: date: 2020-05-15 11:22:05

In the previous article, we introduced the factors that affect the stability of the hydro-generator set: the force factor, the pressure pulsation in the draft tube, and the direction of the water flow at the outlet of the runner. In addition to these external factors, we will continue to introduce the factors that will affect the stability of the turbine. See below for details.

Scientific and reasonable structure design and manufacturing of hydraulic turbine units can effectively improve the stability of the operation of the hydraulic turbine, and there are three main factors that affect the total structure and manufacturing of the turbine as follows:

Overflow parts, when the water pressure in the flow channel acts on the overflow member, it will produce stress. As the stress increases, the member will elastically deform. In addition, when the water flow is stirred, each member will also Produce vibration. When the vibration frequency of the water flow is the same as the natural frequency of the component, it will also produce a resonance effect, which will not only produce serious noise pollution, but also affect the normal operation of the turbine unit. Especially for the larger size and lower speed turbine unit, its natural frequency is very close to the hydraulic low frequency, so it is easily affected by resonance.

The influence of the processing technology, in the processing and manufacturing of the hydraulic unit, if the blade is not processed accurately, or there is an error in the welding process of the components, the inlet and outlet opening values of the blade will be uneven, which will eventually lead to the engine Vibration problems.

When machining the labyrinth ring, the large ellipticity will also cause vibration problems of the unit.


In addition, the quality of the installation of the turbine unit will also affect the stable operation of the turbine unit. In the various components of the hydraulic unit, if the guide bearings are not concentric with each other, or the axis is not correct, it will cause hydraulic vibration, and at the same time will cause vibration of the bearing component.

These are the factors that affect the stability of the hydraulic turbine in the structural design and processing of the hydraulic generator set. However, it should also be noted that if the balance of the runner is poor, the problem of uneven adjustment of the blade opening value will occur. These are the factors that affect the stability of the hydro-generator set. What measures can be taken to optimize the stability of the turbine? Our next article continues to explore.

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