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Diagnosis And Maintenance Analysis Of Hydro Turbine Faults

Author: source: date: 2019-11-07 10:06:34

At present, hydroelectric power stations are almost unmanned (that is, remote control from the control station, automatic operation), and the maintenance of the equipment is also based on regular inspections by inspectors (for example, once every two weeks). However, due to the reduction of skilled maintenance workers and the dependence on the technical level of the maintenance personnel during the inspection, from the point of view of safe operation of the system, in order to effectively prevent malfunctions and effectively maintain the equipment, the above method is also There are certain problems. Based on this situation, a preventive maintenance system for daily automatic monitoring of the operating state of the hydropower station equipment is generated. 

hydro turbine generator

The significance of preventive maintenance

 In general, equipment maintenance techniques are divided into three categories: fault repair (after-the-fact repair) after fault occurrence, preventive maintenance for periodic decomposition inspection, and predictive maintenance (predictive maintenance) based on diagnostic data. These are the meanings of preventive maintenance in a narrow sense. In a broad sense, preventive maintenance also includes the prevention of faults, the location and cause of faults, the decision of early recovery methods and methods, safe operation and reset operation. 

Preventive maintenance


The purpose of preventive maintenance is generally divided into three aspects: economic improvement, technical ability improvement and quality (reliability) improvement.

(1) Economic improvement

Designed to prevent accidents in the first place, or in the event of an accident, can reduce equipment downtime and improve equipment operation due to early detection. In addition, unnecessary unnecessary repairs are avoided and optimization is sought to reduce repair costs.

(2) Improvement of technical performance

In response to the reduction of skilled maintenance workers, the system has brought together the skills of skilled workers to remove the differences between individual and individual, from intuitive judgment to quantitative analysis.

(3) Improvement of quality (reliability)

Prevent accidents or use early detection to ensure safety and improve reliability in the event of an emergency.

In general, good quality turbines have a long service life. When using, it should be used in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer for reasonable and standardized use.When there is a problem, you should look for a professional to repair, otherwise there will be more and more bad conditions.

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