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Brief introduction of the small hydro turbine generators

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:21:53

A small hydropower station or hydroelectric power plant with small installed capacity. There is no agreed dividing line of capacity range and consistent definition of small hydropower in the world. Even the same country at different times, the standards are not the same. In fact, we did not deliberately to classify them, and we choose different types of small hydropower mainly rely on the local condition and their real needs.

1 KW Kanplan Turbine Generator

1 KW Kanplan Turbine Generator


  • Decentralized, that is, single-station capacity is not large, but its resources exist everywhere;
  • Negative impact on the ecological environment is very small;
  • Simplicity, the technology is mature, without complex and expensive technology;
  • Localized, that is, local people can participate in the construction, and to make full use of local materials;
  • Standardization, it is easier to achieve standardization of design and standardization of electrical and mechanical equipment to reduce the cost and shorten the duration.

The planning, design, construction, equipment manufacturing and operation management operation of the small hydropower have to adapt to the above characteristics, then it can achieve advanced technology, reliable operation, investment economy and low cost.




Not long ago, the state has also put forward the policy of "accelerating the development and utilization of hydropower resources and vigorously developing small hydropower under the premise of protecting the ecological environment". This is a critical period and an opportunity period for small hydropower development. Therefore, the water turbine generators we produce will be more and more perfect and efficient.



Chengdu Forster Technology Co., Ltd., located in Sichuan, China, which is a technology-intensive enterprises collection of manufacturing and service of hydraulic machinery-related products. At present, we mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of the hydro-generating units, small hydropower, micro-turbine and other products. The types of micro-turbine are kaplan  turbine, francis turbine, pelton turbine, tubular turbine and turgo turbine with large selection range of water head and flow rate, the output power range of 0.6-600kW, and the water turbine generator can choose a variety of customized specifications and models according to the customer demand.

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