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Basic knowledge of small hydro turbine

Author: source: date: 2019-10-14 10:05:13

In many areas, especially in underdeveloped areas, there are indeed problems of small hydropower stations with low investment and poor efficiency affecting the ecological environment.In order to understand the construction structure and working principle of small hydropower stations more clearly in the investigation work, we may first learn what the working principle of regular small hydropower stations is.

1.The parameters of hydropower station

francis turbine

The basic operating parameters of the turbine are water head, flow rate, speed, output and efficiency.

The water head refers to the difference between the water flow energy per unit weight of the inlet section of the turbine and its outlet section, expressed in “H”, and the unit is “m”.

The turbine flow rate refers to the volume of water flowing through the cross section of the turbine per unit time.

Turbine speed is the number of revolutions per minute of the turbine shaft.

The turbine output refers to the power output from the turbine shaft end.

Turbine efficiency is the ratio of turbine output to water outflow.

2.What is a bulb tubular turbine

tubular turbine