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Video calls customers to resolve HPP issues

Author: source: date: 2019-06-13 17:00:59
Hydro power plant project for their own farms and fish ponds.
hydro power plant
Because of the fish breeding of our main industry, the customer has been worried that the water discharged from the outlet of the turbine's tail pipe will affect the oxygen content of the water after he USES the turbine to generate electricity. As well as some installation design and maintenance problems, we need to answer for him.
In order to solve customers' doubts and concerns, the company's sales staff, who are attending OTC industry exhibition in the United States, will communicate with our customers, sales manager Alison, general manager Nancy and chief technical engineer video through video four-way connection, so that our customers can better communicate with our boss and engineers. Through one hour of phone call, completely solve the customer's concerns.
hydro power plant project
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