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Forster hydro turbine generator

Author: source: date: 2018-09-04 17:29:48
#Forster supply High efficience Medium and Small Hydro Power water turbine / hydro turbine(Kaplan turbine, Francis turbine, Pelton turbine, Turgo turbine, and Tubular turbine) for hydroelectirc generatror (Hydropower plant) with range 20kw-250MW per unit; vertical and herizontal type are available

 Offer all types of generators, turbines, hydropower equipment, complete set of hydropower and other power plants, etc.

 Equipments would be produced according your request
 Engineers for erection and commission at hydropower plant are available!

There should be some key parameters (such as head, flow discharge and capacity, if need turbine generator too, please supply the frequency and output voltage, if not, give us the rotation speed) in inquiry.

Note: Forster can design and manufacture various types of hydro generator units with 0.42-7m in turbine runner diameter and 20KW-200MW in unit capacity, such as Tubular type, Axial(Kaplan) type, Francis type, Inclined jet(Turgo) type and Impulse(Pelton) type ones, and auxiliary equipments.

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