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Forster Technology Company was invited to participate in the 16th China-ASEAN Expo in 2019

Author: source: date: 2019-09-26 11:39:59
The 16th China-ASEAN Expo will be held in Nanning, Guangxi from September 20th to 23rd, 2019. The theme is “Building a “One Belt, One Road” and Co-painting Cooperation Vision”. The theme country is Indonesia.
As an exhibitor, Foster invited partners from the hydropower industry to participate in the exhibition. Our booth number is E0298.

The ASEAN Expo will focus on creating an international economic and capacity cooperation exhibition area, with infrastructure as the forerunner, equipment supply as the center, science and technology innovation as the driving force, metallurgical building materials as the extension, and financial services as the support to promote China and ASEAN. And the countries along the “-bel-road” to carry out international production capacity, equipment manufacturing and economic and trade investment cooperation.

Venue: Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, China (No. 11 East Section of Minzu Avenue, Nanning)

Exhibition area scale: exhibition area of 150,000 square meters

The current East Expo will promote China-ASEAN economic and trade cooperation and achieve new results. The total exhibition area is 124,000 square meters and the total number of booths is 6,600. Among them, there are 1594 booths in ASEAN and other countries and regions (including 1446 ASEAN), and 8 ASEAN countries including Cambodia participated in the conference. There are 2,780 exhibitors in this year's fair, 112 buyers' groups, more than 11,000 organized professional visitors, and more than 90 organized trade and investment promotion activities.


●Advanced technology (advanced manufacturing, smart city, internet +, technological innovation)

●Investment cooperation (engineering contracting, railway, nonferrous metals, electric power infrastructure, parks)

Power Equipment and New Energy Exhibition Area

●Power generation equipment (solar (wind, water) energy, nuclear power generation equipment, etc.; transmission and distribution substation equipment: substation, transformer, voltage regulator, capacitor, transformer, wire and cable, etc.)

● Complete sets of equipment and electrical accessories (electric power generation control equipment, electrical control equipment, automation equipment, electrical equipment, electrical accessories, electronic components, etc.)

●New energy technology and application (solar, wind energy, bio-energy, energy-saving and emission reduction technology project display and application, LED energy-saving lamps, etc.)

●Green appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, televisions, stereos, kitchen appliances, etc.)

Building materials exhibition area

●Door and window curtain wall (energy-saving doors and windows, aluminum for the wall, aluminum ceiling, lightweight wall, etc.)

●Interior decoration materials (stone, kitchen and bathroom, hardware, environmental protection coatings, chemical raw materials, etc.)

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