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Excitation control panel

Author: source: date: 2019-04-17 14:27:01
Explanation of the 5-in-1 excitation control panel:
Many customers see our quotation on the excitation control system. We often see the 5-in-1 excitation control cabinet we describe, but I don't know what 5-in-1 means. Today, let me explain to you:

The so-called 5-in-1 is not a spare part in the excitation control cabinet, but has five functions.


In the end, there are 5 kinds of functions. In fact, there are not only 5 functions, but even more than 10 functions. 5-in-1 is just a generic name in the hydropower industry.
1. Monitor the original condition of the generator. (such as generator heat and other fault conditions, etc.)
2. Monitoring of bearing temperature. (Our excitation cabinet is usually equipped with alarm system. For example, the bearing temperature reaches 60 °C, our excitation screen will alarm, remind us to check and close. But if there is no one on the scene, and the temperature is still rising, reach At 65 °C, the excitation control system automatically shuts down the generator and the entire turbine to protect the equipment.)
3. Monitor the speed, which can also be said to be the monitoring frequency. (We know that too high a speed will cause the temperature of the generator components to rise gradually, causing the heat dissipation of the generator to reach saturation or even damage the components, so this system must be equipped to monitor it.)
4, the load difference is too large, automatic adjustment function. (For example, the power consumption of users during the day and night is too different, which will cause us to say “load dumping”. In this case, when our equipment is still running, the generator is still generating electricity. In the case of unstable current, we need our excitation system to adjust and control and monitor the situation.)
5, transformer transmission function. (Generally our excitation cabinets are equipped with excitation transformers, the transformer here is a very small internal transformer, small capacity, only responsible for the internal transmission of the transformer, so that the voltage is stable, with the external large transformer is not same.)
6. Control the work of the entire device. (Like the human brain, the awareness of the entire device is controlled, and the instructions are issued.)

The above is my summary of the function of the excitation control panel.

hydro turbine

Display content of excitation screenControl circuit monitoring:

Excitation Integrated Controller

Test/Operation Selection

Replacement Operational Selection

Alarm Stop/Test Deexcitation Test Button

Standby fan switch

Excitation Fault Indication

Excitation Fault Indication

Control power indication

Stator current indication

Power factor indication

Excitation current indication

Excitation Voltage Indicator

hydroelectric genearator

In addition, regarding the governor, it is also controlled by the excitation cabinet, but it can also work alone. And it has the function of controlling the speed and controlling the movable guide vane of the turbine, which can control the flow, but can only be adjusted to be small and cannot be adjusted. Because the traffic size is a fixed value that is preset.

Regarding the customer consultation before the thyristor excitation, the thyristor excitation is suitable for the unit with large installed power, because the large unit has a large power and must be boosted. Usually below 1000kw, we recommend 400V, 1000kw or more.

generator hydro turbine

Finally, with regard to the excitation panel system, we support remote control and remote wireless network control, which means that you can control the operation of your hydropower station in a computer in another room. And in another area, as long as there is a network, you can control it on your mobile phone.

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