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Different installation methods for hydro turbine generators

Author: source: date: 2019-06-13 17:03:12

Hydro generators can be divided into vertical and horizontal types according to the axis position. The horizontal arrangement is usually used for small units and tubular units. The horizontal turbine unit has small capacity, simple structure and convenient installation, and is more commonly used in small hydropower stations; The vertical turbine unit has large capacity, the structure is more complicated than horizontal, and the installation is relatively complicated. However, large and medium-sized hydropower stations would choose vertical,Especially horizontal installation is more common.

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The horizontal unit only needs one floor of the factory. Because the unit structure is relatively simple, the cost is slightly lower than that of the vertical unit, and the installation is more convenient. For some projects with relatively tight funds, this is often the preferred object. However, although the horizontal unit only needs one floor, but because the unit has a long horizontal axis, the length of the building is larger. Moreover, since the governor is arranged on the downstream side of the inlet axis, the water inlet direction is correspondingly wide, so the plane size of the plant is correspondingly large, moreover, the increase in the area of the generator layer has a greater impact on the cost than the two-storey building. At the same time, the installation heights of the two models are also different. The height of the horizontal unit is calculated from the center of the horizontal axis of the casing above the generator ground. The vertical unit is calculated from the center of the volute below the turbine floor, so the horizontal unit is lower than the ground of the vertical unit turbine. Most of the noise of the vertical unit is discharged from the turbine floor from the gap between the pier and the air passage, and the noise of the generator floor is small. In terms of price, the unit price added the plant price, the vertical unit is slightly higher than the horizontal unit. However, if the cost of building a flood wall is included in some places, the price is basically flat. Therefore, the choice of vertical and horizontal units should consider the actual situation of the project, such as capital, site selection, terrain, power and other factors. 


Different models are suitable for different conditions, and the supplier will recommend the solution and model that best suits the customer according to the actual situation of the customer.


Q1, Which turbine should I choose?

 Please tell me the water head, flow rate, frequency, Total power you need

, voltage, on grid or off grid operation, we will propose a solution.

Q2, Can your factory provide all the equipment for hydropower generation?

Yes, we can provide you with turbines, hydro-generators, pressure regulators, turbine wheels, control panels, transformers, monitoring systems and more.

Q3, Can you do EPC for a hydroelectric power plant?

Yes, we can provide TURN-KEY and EPC services including measurement, design, manufacturing, construction, manufacturing, commissioning, inspection, maintenance runner replacement and refurbishment/upgrade/improvement/repair/refurbishment of turbines/generators including bearings, seals For parts and key parts, we will send technicians and workers to install equipment.

Q4,Is your company a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer of hydro turbine generators and started to promote the international market in 2013. Our factory is located in Sichuan, where China's water conservancy and hydropower is most developed. Welcome to visit our factory in China.

Q5, What is an acceptable MOQ?

 For this product, our acceptable MOQ is 1 set.

Q6,How long is the delivery time?

Delivery times range from 15 days to 6 months depending on the model you are purchasing.

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