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Adderss: 3rd East of Guanghua Road, Qingyang Dist. Chengdu, Sichuan province, China


High quality 5kw - 5mw hydroelectric generator

  • Place of Origin china                            Speed(r/min) 1000

    Power(kw) 680-1090                          Efficiency(%) 85.5-86.5

    Generator SFW630-6/800-6/1000-6      Valve DST-3000/YDT-3000

    Gevernor or Rerulating work                 Z945T6(10) Dg600

    Brand Name forster                            Model Number HI220/A153-WJ-50A

    Type water power                             Head(m) 45-65

    Discharge(m3/s) 1.78-2                      Keyword hydroelectric generator

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