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Wow, a water turbine took 50 years

Author: source: date: 2019-05-10 14:23:03
This time we went to Europe, our partner's old hydropower station, needed to update the equipment. When we drove two hours to the hydropower station, we were greeted at the gate by the workers.
They were very enthusiastic and they knew we were here to solve their problems.
Pelton turbinehydro turbine2
When the partner told us what he thought and asked after. Only later did we learn that the turbine and generator equipment of this hydropower station was once made in China. The date on the nameplate of the equipment was November 1969. To our great surprise, a turbine generator is 50 years old. Moreover, the protection is so complete, and the hydropower station staff usually do a very good job in the maintenance of the equipment, and of course, it is made in China so excellent, so our customers choose us again, this is our fourth project in this region with our partners.

This is a Pelton turbine generator unit which was manufactured in November 1969. The power is 100KW. But the turbine runner is no longer working, and the age, some equipment has not met the requirements. Therefore, the customer proposed in the case of ensuring the flow, want to increase the turbine power generation, replacement of the turbine runner and generator.

Pelton turbine generatorWhen our chief technical engineer conducts field measurement and precise accounting, the customer's idea needs to be changed. First, the internal piping needs to be increased as the flow increases and the valve needs to be replaced with a flashlight governor. If the impulse turbine wants to reach the power of 300kw, the runner needs to be replaced, and the size will also increase, so the turbine vortex shell needs to be replaced as a whole. And we test the pipe size on site for the customer, which has met the requirements of the new equipment.

hydro turbinehydro turbine1The customer was very satisfied and agreed to our proposal. And for our professional and rapid work, gave a high evaluation.
At present, we have reached an agreement with the customer and signed the contract.

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