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Representatives of the Forster Company spoke at a presentation in uzbekistan

Author: source: date: 2020-03-11 13:30:42

On November 1, 2019, "2019 China (Sichuan) - Uzbekistan Machinery Industry Promotion Conference and Fair" was held in Tashkent. Mr. George, the manager of our company's international trade department, came to the stage to introduce our company and our product manufacturing process. And gave us a detailed introduction to the production of major turbine equipment, Francis turbine, Turgo turbine, Pelton turbine, Kaplan tubine, Tubular turbine, and hydropower station.


The 20 “Made in Sichuan” machinery industry famous enterprises from Sichuan, including intelligent manufacturing, hydropower equipment, industrial pump valves, agricultural machinery, 

instrumentation and transmission parts, and face-to-face exchanges with 132 Uzbek company representatives.

On-site, representatives from Uzbekistan are very interested in our Hydro Ford Technology Co., Ltd hydro-generators, turbines, generators, valves, governors, transformers and hydropower

 automation control equipment.


Among them, the representatives of the two local electric power equipment companies in Tashkent entered a substantive negotiation. According to the parameter information provided by the customer,

 the solution for the customer's project is presented at the meeting. We are currently in contact with their engineers and discuss the details of equipment purchases.

 The China (Sichuan)-Uzbekistan Machinery Industry Promotion Conference and Fair has been successfully concluded, but we have seen many hydropower projects in the local and neighboring

countries. This trip to Uzbekistan does not bring Chinese manufacturing out of China, but also allows Chinese manufacturing to be promoted and applied in third world countries.


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