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On November 23, Pakistan customers visited Forster

Author: source: date: 2018-11-27 13:54:58
The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and China have always been friendly friends and are known as brothers and Palestinians. Therefore, our impression of Pakistani customers has always been very good.
Let's talk about our encounter. We met on social software and he was attracted by the high quality products and services of our turbine generators. He told me that he needed this type of turbine equipment. As the earliest manufacturer and supplier of hydro turbines in China.Because we are custom products that fully meet our customers' needs, we need some accurate parameters to help our customers choose turbines and solutions. Because he changed equipment this time, he had one before. So he also told us very professionally about all the parameters of this turbine. Then we talked very happily. Then two months later, one day, he told me that I am coming to China, I am coming to your factory, I am coming to your office to talk face to face with you.

So...we met in Chengdu city, China, haha.


After numerous exchanges and negotiations, first of all, he was very satisfied with the high specifications and high quality of our turbines, generators, valves, control systems, etc., and then the solutions for our technical engineers were very Satisfied, but in the end, you know, the price problem...


微信图片_20181126162437However, I did not feel frustrated because of the high quality and technical solutions of our products and equipment, which have been highly recognized and affirmed by customers.

Although we did not succeed in cooperation due to product price issues, this did not prevent us from becoming very good friends, and he told me that the next time I go to China, I will first go to Chengdu. Of course, I will be her guide, take him to visit the beauty of Chengdu and taste the food of Chengdu. Hahaha

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