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Last week Iran customer visit our factory and travel the city of Chengdu

Author: source: date: 2019-07-13 11:20:14

Last week our customers come to China to visit our factory with his family. This is a good chance for them to travel the famous city Chengdu in China and they have a unforgettable memory about this city and have a deep impression of our factory.

Our customer from Iran, and his company want to develop hydro electric in their country. The reason he consider our companyChengdu forster technologyis our products are famous abroad , have been getting many customers’ satisfaction and our turbine generators have been sold to more than 40 countries and regions, such as France,Italy, Chile and United States etc. Ofcourse, our company also want to take this opportunity to expend the market of Iran. As a hydro turbine generator manufacturer,we are always focused on design, manufacturing and marketing of hydro turbine generators.

1.5mw power plant

After they arrived Chengdu, the next day, our customer went to visit our factory with our boss by high-speed rail. Our customer want to purchase 1500kw hydro turbine generator.During he visit our factory, we show our excellent R&D team,complete production facilities, strong production capability and efficient after-sales service. After visit our factory, we went to visit our Hydroelectric power station with 2 sets 1500 kw pelton hydro turbine. And our collegue introduced this power station for him. After that, we back to the office to discuss his projects and answer his questions. Then back to Chengdu and have a dinner.

Pelton turbine water wheel

As for his families, he take his parents ,wife,and daughter came to China. His parents are teachers before retirement and they are 80 years old, but they are very health and always travel abroad. His daughter is only 5years old, but she travel over 8 countries with his parents. our collegue take the family of our customer have a wonderful tourism in Chengdu. As all know, giant panda is a symbol of friendship, and it’s also a symbol of the city of Chengdu. So our first place is Chengdu Panda Base, the full name is Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Researching Base, which lies in the north suburb ,only 10 kilometers to the center of down town Chengdu. When our collegue first time saw his daughter, she take a small panda in her hand, so after travel we send her a big panda and Chinese lucky bag. All his family are attracted by the panda when we at the panda base, because panda is very rare in other country. And the next place is Wide and Narrow Alley, here is many ancient buildings and some local cuisine and trinkets, and enjoy Sichuan tea.

Pelton turbinePelton hydro turbine

We are very glad they have a nice time in Chengdu, and we will try our best to satisfy our customers.

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