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Italy customers visit the our factory

Author: source: date: 2018-12-27 10:54:04

December 5, 2018. Italian customers visited the factory. Italian customers are new customers. Previously, 1MW (500kw * 2) Francis turbines were purchased from other suppliers in China.

This time they want to increase capacity and replace the valves in hydropower plants. Very satisfied with our products and solutions, and made a request to the head office.

water turbine

By the way, the complete turbine valve is a complete large and medium turbine inlet valve developed by our company. It is specially developed for hydropower stations. The valve complete set has main valve, main expansion joint, upstream connecting pipe, downstream connecting pipe, intake hole, bypass pipe, bypass pipe expansion joint, exhaust valve, exhaust shut-off valve, sewage valve and sewage pipe. The main valve is hydraulically driven, and the hydraulic unit can be divided into: full hydraulic control type, heavy hammer closed type and spring closed type, which can be selected by the user when ordering.

water turbine

Hydraulic turbine valvehydro turbine.JPG

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