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Forster Company Thailand New Year's Eve tour, the goal is not talking about it, is used to achieve!

Author: source: date: 2020-01-03 14:26:20

Spring returned, fresh starts for everything.
Twelve months dreams twelve months of hard work,
Twelve months of the stick, paying twelve months,
Everything all the memories,
Come together to form a complete 2019.

Christmas card

2019, is Forster Co., Ltd milestone year
Under the correct command leadership of the company,
Under the company team effort,
It works also received a good harvest.
In early 2019, the boss gave the company set full rewards program!
The completion of the annual sales target will travel abroad,
All tickets, accommodation, food borne by the corporations
We carry the backpack you can start!

to achieve goals,

Win abroad party ~ lose downstairs the reality

(Note: the reality is downstairs
They eat fast food every day)

For self-worth reflects,
(In order to enjoy the sun and beach fun)
Partners are riveting enough to drive,
That seemingly unattainable performance targets,
Actually completed before the December advance! !!

Our beautiful and generous boss announced
The end of December, Thailand on the 6th walk from ~
Villas, yachts, seafood, beach, bikini

Here we come! !! !! !!


Leaving the hustle and bustle of the city and taking a break from work
With a longing for exoticism,
Everyone is ready!


After three hours' drive time to reach the Thailand friends ~
Take off a thick down jacket, put on a variety of short skirts hot pants,
Summer feeling back.

In the hotel take a rest after,
Continue punch Jungle Sky Walk
Simon show and the famous night market net red spots frog ~

Paradise Bay in Phuket, surrounded by mountains on three sides,
In the middle is a calm sea of water,
It's beautiful and peaceful here,
It looks like a huge natural pool.
Crystal clear water, smart colorful fish,
It's a paradise.


Walking barefoot across the fine white sand beach,
Dive into the sea, orgy,
Watching the sunset quietly.
Busy times started to slow down,
Listen to the sea breeze and your heart in a moment of silence.


Stay at the pool villa resort, full of island style, open the door and hug the sea!


Take a catamaran to Pearl Coral Island,
This is an island that belongs to leisure holidays only.
A line on the beach walked away,
Writing a comfortable mood.

The sea breeze is uncomfortable.


Pearl Island Fishing

Admire the exciting battle between humans and snakes, stimulate people to fight with the snake's wisdom, and get in close contact with poisonous snakes. Viper Research Center


Seafood beer


The 6-day journey continues,
The most beautiful is not the scenery, but you who travel together.
With the arrival of New Year's Day in 2020,
Hope everyone in Huikeda will have more energy,
Higher enthusiasm for work!


We will continue to fight hard in 2020!

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